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An era of health crisis #health

In the UK we have a mental health crisis and now we have Covid-19 which will add to people’s anxiety and depressive thoughts. Perhaps we should have a referendum and let the people decide what to do about Covid-19? Yes, a ridiculous idea, we should listen to the  experts. I do worry that the experts are being influenced by the politicians who are more worried about the economy when it should be the other way around.

health crisis

Mental Health

Our mental health is influenced by the people around us and national policies. We have become a less caring society and we can’t even rely on people to wash their hands properly to prevent the spread of the  virus that causes Covid-19.  We may even need more mental health resources after this epidemic is over to help some people recover from the trauma.

Post Office

The reason for today’s picture is to partly remind me to go to the post office today. I couldn’t find a picture that was appropriate to the subject of health. I actually need to do banking and banking at the post office will be easier because I can park my car closer.

Health crisis

We are in an era of health crisis and we need to rethink how society works. Do people need to travel all over the world to watch sport and athletics? Can’t we televise all the events. Poor people watch sport on television, why can’t the better off? There are serious questions to be asked not only about stopping the future spread of viruses like Covid-19 but about stopping the spread of infectious diseases that mostly affect our elderly population. Little wonder that life expectancy is falling with this obsession with travel. You bring back germs from overseas and your nan dies with flu. Not really fair is it?

We need to reorder our priorities. Our health and our National Health Service needs to be our number one priority.

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