An omicron Christmas #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. It is Christmas next weekend and I think it will be a Christmas of trying to stay safe again. It’s going to be an omicron Christmas as we settle for keeping our distance from people. Some will have parties as they did last Christmas. Bozo Johnson is even encouraging people to have parties. I’m sure the trivial pursuit will be out this week in Number 10 and they will play charades at our expense. It’s all a charade from my point of view. Is it a lockdown? Is it social distancing? No, it’s use your own judgment!


An Omicron Christmas

I might do a lateral flow test today. I should be negative but I have been sneezing and they say the omicron variant symptoms are more like a cold. I expect I’ll have one or two visitors and we will exchange presents. I’ll be on my own over Christmas but that’s normal for me. I’ll be fine. I think I’ll cook my Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. It’ll take me a few days to eat it. It will be an omicron Christmas but we have to make the best of it, eat drink and be merry!


There might be shortages over the next few weeks. Hopefully, my grocery delivery tomorrow won’t be affected. I’ll order some extra food and make sure the freezer is well stocked up so if I miss a delivery I can keep going. I could run out of fresh fruit and vegetables but I’ll manage. As people come down with omicron they will take time off work and so we could see the shortage of HGV drivers get worse and even doctors and nurses will come down with it and will need to self-isolate. NHS staff need to look after themselves now and they shouldn’t be mixing too much. If they can avoid the omicron variant for a while the health service can continue to function.


It’s foggy today. I like to go out and take photo on a Sunday. I can shoot in this misty weather but it is forecast to get worse this afternoon. It might be worse near the rivers and canals too. I’ll have to watch and see what it’s like later. I really need a break from looking at the same four walls. As always I will go out and take photos over Christmas, I’m expecting it to be very quiet around town!


We can at least look forward to 2022. There will be lots of interesting things happening. The Commonwealth Games will be on and there will be a long bank holiday. We will be continuing the cultural programme for Wednesbury. Will covid peter out in 2022? I think there is a good chance. We will all acquire some immunity either by contracting covid or by immunisation. We just have to be cautious and careful until covid cases drop to a low level and assess the risk of catching it in the meantime. I think the risk if quite high now and increasing so I’m not going to be socialising much.

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