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Analogies, perceptions and phenomenon

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‘No smoke without fire’ is an analogy. If you see smoke coming from a building, you assume it’s on fire. It is an analogy used in a negative context; usually by negative people.

If a couple are seen having lunch together they could be friends meeting or colleagues having a business lunch; but the local gossip with think the worst and assume it’s an illicit affair and justify the assumption with the phrase ‘there’s no smoke without fire’. It is always used in  a negative way. For example if someone turns up for work in a brand new Ferrari one morning, you might assume they had won the lottery; but then they probably wouldn’t bother going to work. The more negative thinking person might think they embezzled company funds; after all there’s no smoke without fire. I got that idea from a Superman movie.  If you’re trying to write something use whatever references you have lurking deep within your mind. Don’t mention the Superman Movie if you’re writing an essay or dissertation though; try to give the impression that you’re smart!

Incidentally, ‘No smoke without fire’ is a subject that students are often asked to write essays on; hence my choice of subject today.

Analogies are useful. Let’s say you want to raise money for charity, do you go around and rattle a tin hoping people will donate a few pennies? You could look at how multinational companies market their products and take people’s money from them and transplant their marketing ideas into a charitable context. Big companies often make something seem more valuable than it actually is. They understand that people’s perceptions can be manipulated. For example, packaging can change perceptions. Jewellery looks better in a fancy box and it’s better to sell the jewellery from a fancy store in Bond Street than a market store in Peckham.  Perceptions are important.

Ideas are important, but if you take an idea and make it bigger and bigger; it can become a phenomenon. You can go out in your garden and plant a few flowers or you can let the idea grow and decide on a garden that is another world; a whole new phenomenon in gardens. Can you take an idea in art and make it bigger and bigger and create a phenomenon? It has been done before and these phenomena are called art movements or schools of art.

I’ve used a few words today that you might not use every day. Analogy, taking a thing which is comparable to something else in significant respects and transplanting it. Perceptions, the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses can be manipulated. Phenomenon, in philosophy is defined as the object of a person’s perception.

Can you create a phenomenon, using an analogy of something else? Can you create something new? A new idea perhaps? Can you step outside your usual mode of thinking and think outside the box and perceive a new idea; see things differently? This is what creativity is all about and it often begins with something quite simple like a walk in the park.

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