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Analysing the market #finance #investments

Analysing the market isn’t easy and it takes a lot of research but if you’re going to invest on the stock market you have to do your research. I have tried to buy shares in companies that are struggling or have a problem that they can fix while their share price is low. Tesco had it’s scandal and other problems and I bought in low and I was hoping to sell at a 20% or better return. They have dropped over 2% this morning but I hope they recover that next week, so I can sell.



The bright spots in my portfolio seem to be the pharmaceutical shares. Verona Pharma made progress this week but still seems low and Immupharma is still undervalued as well but I am making good gains of over 100% there.


I’ve been reading trading updates, looking at broker recommendations and checking which shares are being shorted this week. I’m looking for a bargain or a share that will give a stable return with a steady increase in share price and a nice little dividend. I looked at Direct Line again and a some banks look promising too. I am hopeful that Lloyd’s will do better this year when they sort out a strategy to cope with Brexit.

Insider information

Passing insider information and insider dealing is supposed to be unlawful but sometimes shares go up for no apparent reason or drop for no apparent reason and small investors smell a rat. I think they are often right and the regulators should do their job. There is nothing small investors can do about it except buy on the lows and sell on the highs.

Analysing the market

An important part of my analysis of the market is referring to short tracker to see what the big brokers are shorting. This can be useful in two ways. It can be a powerful warning of what not to buy and it when they stop shorting a share that can be the bottom and a signal for speculative investors to pick up shares while they are undervalued. The AA has been heavily shorted and the share price has fallen to a new low. The company has taken action, cutting the dividend and signalling an intention to reorganise and invest. I would see this as a buying opportunity if i wasn’t already invested. The same applies to Debenhams which looks a bargain now too.

Next week

I shall continue analysing the market and looking for bargains next week. There will probably be more political uncertainty so I think I will probably sell Tesco and look for a stable replacement that will give me a decent return. I’ll avoid more AIM shares for the time being at least.

That’s it for this week. Remember, I share ideas and never give advice, so do your own research before investing. Carillion was a disaster for investors and shows that you can lose all your money unless you diversity and even then you lose a nasty chunk of money.

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