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Annoyances #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? It’s cold and wet out and so the weather is obviously on my mind. As a baby boomer, I feel the aches and pains on days like this but I still intend to go out today and photograph our conservation zone. The conservation zone will be getting £1,800,000 in grants to improve it. I’m not sure when work will begin but I expect it will be next year. Maybe it will be finished in time for the queen’s jubilee in 2022? We also have the Commonwealth Games in 2022 and there will be a jazz festival and another arts festival.


Wednesbury Market Place

The above picture is Wednesbury Market Place. It’s kept clean and well maintained and the clock tower has been renovated but private landlords seem reluctant to invest in their properties and so some buildings look tatty. Maybe that 1.8 million will help drive some improvements?


As always, I try to provoke a conversation on Facebook and give people a voice before changes are made. So the usual contributors bemoan Wednesbury and call it “filthy”. It doesn’t look filthy, does it? I do wonder sometimes if these people actually suffer from some psychiatric disorder like depression.


The Bitcoin scammers have been even more active than usual recently claiming not only that Jim Davidson has endorsed their platforms but also Jason Statham, James Corden and even the health secretary Matt Hancock. I tried to warn people about these scammers on Facebook but the usual contrarian trolls claimed Bitcoin was a legitimate investment. I checked out one of the platforms and they claimed they offered leverage of 5,000 –  1. If that isn’t criminal, it should be. I suspect they offer 10X to begin with and then keep offering higher leverage as they sucker people in. I did, in fact, buy XRP by Ripple Labs a little while ago and sold at a small profit. Cryptocurrencies are interesting and blockchain could be a useful technology but these advertisers prey on people who are greedy and blind them with terms like leverage which they are unlikely to understand.


We are social animals and Covid is stopping us socialising and so it is understandable that people want to see family and friends. For people like me who live alone, it is especially lonely. It’s also frustrating as we see people ignoring the restrictions and putting us at risk. We need more policing of the restrictions and I am pleased that publicans have now been advised to be strict of risk losing their licences.


There are lots of annoyances but we just have to get on with it. Life is filled with annoyances and Covid and this cold damp weather just adds to them. It could be worse. Where my friend lives in California they have had Covid restrictions and wildfires. I imagine Donald Trump thinks his Covid infection is another of many annoyances to come in the run-up to the Presidential elections. He will get the best medical care and I’m sure he will keep a positive mindset. He might even decide to pay his taxes when he realises how important good medical care is. I doubt it though…

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