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Another bright idea #ramble #photography

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. It is dark and grey this morning but I still have photography on my mind. I’ll be going out and intend to buy some drinks for Christmas and then wander around and try to find something interesting to photograph. I need a bright idea for a really interesting photograph.

bright idea

Art cards

This is one of the pictures that I used for art cards. I now have four different art cards and they are limited editions of 1,000 of each. I’ve just finished running a competition on the History of Wednesbury Facebook page and many of the entrants will win a set of 4 art cards so they’re coming in useful. They are on sale at the town hall box office too.

Another bright idea

The first low energy light bulbs were fluorescent and realistically they were a very dim idea. Age concern was giving them away to older people who need good light. I had one on my landing at the top of the stairs and after awhile went back to one that would light the stairs well. I found I could still buy incandescent ones in some supermarkets and occasionally strange LED ones. LED ones are now available in higher wattages. I bought two 13 Watt LED lamps and they are as bright as the old 100W incandescent ones but use 87% less electricity! If you buy half a dozen you can get them even cheaper from Amazon. They last for a very long time which makes them good value and at my age I don’t want to fiddle about changing them too often. I’m a bit wobbly on step ladder now!

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That’s my other bright idea, to add advertising to this post. I’m doing it to see if it works more than anything else. I can’t get out of the habit of being frugal and saving where I can and also looking for opportunities to make a few bob! It’s in my nature now! I’ll be saving money Christmas booze today! 


You can also get LED light bulbs that are controlled by an app on your phone and change colour with your mood or with your music. They’re cool too. I can’t find a 13 watt one but a 9 watt in a table lamp together 13 watt in the main lights would give a Christmassy ambience to a room. I might try that for Christmas in my living room.

In dimmer light

My Nikon D750 is much better in dimmer light than the D3200. The sensor is twice the size of the D3200 and I can raise the ISO quite high without getting any noise. You can now get LED light bulbs that are 23W and so the equivalent of 200 watts incandescent. A couple of those in my living room and I could take photos easily with a low ISO setting. Now that’s a bright idea too! They would be useful for making a lighting kits specially for photography.

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