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Another day and another challenge #ramble

Regular readers will know that on a Sunday morning I share my thoughts with you and just ramble on with no particular subject. I’ve been doing the 64 million artists January challenge and this is day 13. Today, I have another challenge, to write a letter.

another challenge

Pen to paper

Today’s challenge is to put pen to paper and write a letter to someone.

“The second week of 2019 is coming to an end. How did your week go? What are you thinking about, and who do you want to tell? Today we challenge you to reach out to someone, and tell them something you’d like to share…whatever that might be!”

Today’s picture was taken in the park. I remember that day. I took a few pictures and then when I was walking back to the car my leg cramped really badly and I struggled to walk in quite a lot of pain. I should have stopped to rest but I made it back to the car in the end.

Another challenge

The problem I’m having with the muscle in my leg is just another challenge I am facing. I have complex health problems. My letter can be this post on my blog to tell people I have a hidden disability. They see me doing photography and walking around like nothing is wrong with me. I don’t need their help but I would like them to understand that I can’t walk from the car park in the park to the bandstand anymore. A day doesn’t pass when I don’t have another challenge to contend with. People could be a little more understanding. I’m not about to give up and these challenges from 64 million artists show that there are things I can still do. Running a marathon isn’t one of them.

The weather

Yes, the weather is getting worse as winter continues on. My poor health means I really feel the cold now. I have to go to the hospital in 9 days time and that coincides with the forecast of much colder weather. I also have to walk from the car park at the hospital to outpatients. That’s another challenge. Last time I stopped and had a rest halfway. I hope I can get a disabled space close to the entrance and of course I am hoping I don’t have to clear snow or scrape ice from my car. This would have been easier if I had been referred to the hospital in the summer when I asked for the referral.

Think positive

I try to think positive and take each challenge as it comes but it isn’t easy. I’m not the only one who finds life difficult and we should all try to be understanding of each others problems. We have become an intolerant society in recent years.

Another art challenge

On a positive note, there will be another art challenge tomorrow and I intend to do that despite having a doctor’s appointment. These challenges are helping me to stay positive and accept each of life’s problems as a challenge. Besides accepting the 64 million artists challenges I have set myself some challenges to improve my photography skills so I’ve been experimenting with off-camera flash photography. I’ve also made changes to the social media channels that I run. I intend to start using Instagram again soon. I’m looking forward to spring and although I really feel my age just lately, time does pass quickly.

So there you have it, my letter to you, my readers, asking for a little more tolerance.

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I’ll finish with a few photos from when I was getting around more. Hopefully, I will again:

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