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Another midweek moan…

1 Vauxhall

I cleaned my car on Sunday. I know it’s not the latest one, it’s not even environmentally friendly. What’s the point of driving an environmentally friendly car and doing even more miles? I think they’re dangerous too. Someone drove into a tree near me the other day. He was declared dead at the scene. What now? An environmentally friendly, cardboard coffin? I need a nice solid car…

Make up

Women are now taking selfies of themselves; make-up free. It is something to do with preventing cancer. I didn’t even know make-up could cause cancer. They seem to look much better without it to me. It’s like looking at a photo that hasn’t been Photo-shopped. Men too are becoming more aware of cancer. It’s male cancer awareness week next month. This from the website:

Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week – Every year more than 37,000 men will find out they have penile cancer, prostrate cancer and testicular.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this but I’ll say it again. It’s the prostate gland; not bloody prostrate. This is why writers and editors are needed. That quote should be:

Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week – Every year more than 37,000 men will find out they have penile cancer, prostate cancer OR testicular cancer.

Unless they have  discovered some poor buggers are getting all three at the same time…


The Chancellor of the Exchequer will make his budget speech this afternoon. He needs a public examination for prostate problems. He says the Aspirational Classes actually like paying 40% income tax, because it makes them feel more successful. He should put it up to 50% and make them feel really successful. There is some truth in that, we would all like to be in the higher tax bracket wouldn’t we? I wonder what they are aspiring to?

Chancellor George Osborne, heir to a baronetcy,  is one of only a handful of millionaires invited to join C. Hoare & Co, the oldest – and most elite – bank in Britain. Should we all aspire to be like George?

The stock market seems to be reserving judgement on the budget. The FTSE 100 is down this morning, but investors aren’t panicking; they did that last week when Russia invaded the Crimea.

The Vernal Equinox

It’s the Vernal Equinox tomorrow and Spring officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere. Climate change could mess up nature’s plans, but hopefully we will see better weather now.  Will last year’s English heat wave be repeated? It was really nice for our carnival. I’m looking forward to Spring. I can take photos of daffodils and the little white flowers will line the river for miles.

Keeping fit

There was a plan for a walk-way along the river for miles. There is a bridleway for miles in Sandwell Valley, but this one was going to go from Wednesbury to Bentley. I’ve been thinking about it and it’s still possible. People could walk, ride horses, ride their bikes or take photos like me. They could set things up along the walk-way like gift shops, ice cream vans and they could even link it to other attractions like the art gallery. It’s just a thought… It wouldn’t cost millions would it? Maybe that’s the problem, it’s not iconic enough… Walking a few miles along the river on a summer afternoon or working out on keep fit equipment in a gym. Which would you choose?

I think George Osborne will probably pick on the most vulnerable in society again today. He once described Gordon Brown as ‘brutal’ and ‘unpleasant’. What does that make George? I’m sure he will have a bit of name calling up his sleeve today to put down those he feels aren’t striving enough to aspire to his level of society. A level he hopes they will never achieve. He will have to throw the would-be aspirer a few crumbs today and even more in his final budget next year. The main thing is to divide and conquer. He must appeal to aspiring Tory voters, with the rest fragmented between old Labour, disorganised Liberal democrats and loony UKippers. Can he do it? In class ridden, snobby divided Britain? He might just be able to bribe the yuppie class and have them believe they are better than the rest of us, because they own a smart phone and a late model Audi.

I know my car is 16 years old, but I do own a smart phone! I don’t care. The car goes and the smart phone makes calls just like my old one. I don’t much care what George does in his budget. I’ll still be taller than him and if we ever meet; he will have to look up to me.

Winking smile

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