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Another week of ideas

Wednesbury 036

I took a few photographs this week, but it rained a lot of the time. In Moorcroft Wood, it was muddy and so I didn’t venture far into the woodland. I had a few ideas to blog about though. I hope to do better this week if I have some new photographs and it stops raining. Wimbledon is over and so it could brighten up now! I’ll do a roundup of this weeks ideas and you can choose the ones that you fancy reading through Sunday.

The New Shopper

On Sunday, Fairy Dharawat continued with another blog about retailing and told us that these days shoppers expect a ‘social experience’ as well as doing their shopping. If you have a small business or are thinking of starting one in the future; that blog must be worth reading.

Psychology | Motivation

It’s useful to understand a little psychology, whether you’re in business or not. We all want to know what makes us tick. What motivates us to do things? Are our motivations, primitive urges that tell us to get food, eat, sleep and reproduce? Or are they more sophisticated in the 21st century? I continued my series of blogs on psychology and I hope it provides some insight into what motivates us.

Neodigital Art | Retaking the shot

My ever popular blogs about Neodigital art and photography  with more pictures that were retakes of previous photos. We can go back and take a shot again and maybe choose a different angle or take advantage of different light. That blog is interesting and you can always just look at the pictures!

Writing fiction | Inspired

On Wednesday, I continued my series of blogs about writing fiction and looked at inspiration. I also looked at how people’s perceptions of you change after you start writing fiction. I think they were quite good when I started writing a novel, I had something different to talk about!

How to become an expert winemaker | punch

I admit it, I skipped a day on Thursday but made up for it on Friday with another winemaking blog. This time I looked at making wine with pineapple juice, so we would have a basis for a tropical punch for those warm summer evenings. Well the punch could be used anytime, even at Christmas! That will save you some money, and there are a few more winemaking blogs you can search for.

The Frugal diet | Fruit and Veg

There are lots of diets for losing weight and some for staying healthy. I have combined those with a diet to save money too. The F – Plan diet was based on increased fibre and that is useful for filling yourself up because fibre contains few calories. You do need the vitamins and some protein too. It helps to keep the cost down and make it a life style choice. That blog might help and you can use the comments box to ask questions.

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