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Approaching the winter solstice #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. At the moment I’m trying to decide on a title for today’s post and a picture to put in before the ‘more’ tag! The thing most on my mind this week is a hospital appointment. It’s always I worry when you’re not sure what the outcome is likely to be. I’ll take my mind off it by going out and taking photos this afternoon. It is only 1 C this morning and so quite wintry. We are approaching the winter solstice which will mark the real beginning of winter.

approaching the winter solstice

Winter pictures

I went to a book signing yesterday and had to leave my car running for 10 minutes before I set out. At least the photography was in the warmth of the library. The above picture is St Bart’s church. It looks nice with a little snow on it and if I can get a better picture I might consider having Christmas cards printed. The author of that book yesterday suggested an art card with a snow scene for Christmas. That might be a better idea. People can put them inside their Christmas cards.

Approaching the winter solstice

I feel the cold a lot these days and my fingers freeze when the weather is this cold. I shall probably be trying to take photos today while wearing gloves which isn’t easy. This year, I missed the Christmas lights switch-on. I think it wasn’t publicised as much as it should have been. It really needs to be moved to Saturday and much earlier in the afternoon. There is a shop empty near the town square. I was hoping to win the lottery last night so I could buy it. It would make a great community shop and a place to get warm at the Christmas lights switch-on!

Wednesbury BID

The initiative to try to start a Business Improvement District was a miserable failure for many reasons but it would need an office and substantial funding to do any good. I think lottery funding would be needed to get it off the ground and the emphasis needs to be on events and publicity.


Tony who did his book launch yesterday told me about his printer that uses cheap bottles of ink rather than expensive cartridges like my printer. If we had a business hub that is the type of printer that we would need or a cheap to run laser printer. We could then print posters and signs to publicise events and offers.


We are approaching the winter solstice and after that comes Christmas which is a time for families. It’s also a time for small businesses to make a better profit too. I’m hoping Mr Kipling mince pies have a good Christmas, I still own a few shares in the company! Christmas is also dominating my thoughts as I try to get Christmas gifts and buy food and drinks. I’ve stocked upon drinks and the food I’ll probably get closer to Christmas. I need to pay a visit to a larger supermarket for some things.


That’s it, there isn’t very much interesting on my mind this week. I’ll be doing a photography post on Tuesday and I hope to review the Yongnou 50mm prime lens. It’s a cheap lens but it seems to give good results. I have tried it in low light and now I need to take a few photos in good light at narrow apertures.

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