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April fools day, 2021

It’s April fools day, 2021. No, I’m not going to do one of my jokes like in the past. Although the Wednesbury hoard of gold hasn’t been found and the tunnel from Wednesbury to Dudley castle is still sealed up. Is the hoard in the tunnel? It could be. Black Country Radio, famous for Billy Spakemon’s Omma and Chain show, live from the coal ‘ole, has a story this morning. They report that the Birmingham New Road is to become a toll road and we Black Country lot will need passports to go into Brum. I hope the Brummies need a passport to come into the Black Country!

April fools day, 2021


Brummies should have to show their passports when they get off the Metro and go through customs. We have different customs in the Black Country like gray paes and bercon! Some Brummies organised a party in a Brummy park this week ignoring all the covid restrictions. We don’t want them coming here organising parties and digging holes looking for the Wednesbury hoard. I used to go to Brum a lot travelling on a 75 bus to the Albion ground where we had to pass through passport control and pay again before we could enter Handsworth. In those days there were lots of coloured people in Handsworth, they’ve all gone and now there are a lot of “people of colour”. Brum is very sophisticated, they have Gay Pride marches and that sort of thing.


This April fools thing is supposed to have started when they changed the calendars. In the olden days, the year started on April the 1st. Imagine that? New Year’s Eve on the 31st of March. I think it would be better. At least getting home from the pub would be easier but New Year does break up the winter, as does Christmas. I wonder if Christmas used to be in March? They do say Jesus wasn’t born in December! Anyway, the whole point is that some people are slow on the uptake. Change the calendar and they’re still celebrating Christmas in March. It’s the same these days. People have been required to wear masks when they’re shopping for the past year and some people have only just figured out how to put them on. Some Brummies still ain’t got the hang of it!


It’s quite warm for March so I have been in the garden, digging deep holes, as we do in Wednesbury. You dig the deep hole fill it with compost or soil or a mixture of both and then plant things like runner beans. Sometimes you might find a coin as you dig but to be honest I haven’t found any gold ones yet. I only live a stone’s throw from the entrance to the Dudley tunnel as well…

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