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My camera takes photos that are 24 Megapixel and often that translates to a file size of 12 Mb or more. I then resize the folder to a size suitable for the internet which is typically 1 Mb file size per image. The images take up a lot of space on my laptop and video takes up even more. It is essential then to move them onto some kind of removable storage. My archive consists of a 500 Gb external hard drive and I have just bought a 1 Tb flash drive which will become another archive for images, video and music. I can simply move the latest files from the library on my laptop to an archive and free up space.


Unusual shot

I photographed the opening of a shop on Saturday. The inside is ready but the outside hasn’t been finished yet and so I took this unusual shot of the shop window looking out rather than in. Taking unconventional shots can help you develop a recognisable style.

Using the archive

The rest of my shots on Saturday weren’t that great and so I can take a look into my archive and use shots that I took a few years ago.

Motor Show - a picture from my archive

This was Walsall arboretum in 2012. I have developed some style since then. It kept raining that day and I got a discount on the entrance price! I took this shot with a Fujifilm S5600 so you don’t need an expensive camera to take reasonable good shots. Being able to dip into my archive for shots to use is useful because I do social media and people are nostalgic.


Low light

All these images were shot in low light and you can get a good image with a wide aperture but for a shot like this you need a narrower aperture and then a DSLR with its larger sensor is better. I shot this at f/7.1 but I could have probably gone narrower than that. When this shot is consigned to the archive it will add to many albums of images recording the history of Wednesbury and the surrounding area.

Memory stick


I bought this memory stick from eBay for 8.99 and it makes a great archive. At 1 TB it will hold 100,000 large images so it will take me a few years to fill it and by then there will be even larger ones available. I’ve even plugged it into my television and recorded programmes onto it. Incidentally, I took this photo with my phone.


It was the first day of spring yesterday and so we can look forward to better light and for landscape photography and better scenes to photograph as well. The floral displays are starting now with daffodils and tulips but will continue on and the wildflower displays will be at their best in May. Through April, we can also photograph the ever-changing displays of tree blossom too. I tend to make a mental note each year of where the best displays are and return again the next year to try to get a different angle on the shots.

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