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Are they bullies? #Wednesdaywisdom

The President of the United States has flown out to the Far East to meet with the leader of North Korea. According to the American President, he is negotiating from a position of strength. That might be interpreted as using America’s military might to intimidate and bully the North Korean leader. It is a situation that is worrying because most bullies are either psychopaths or sociopaths with very little empathy for others. They are the people who start the wars. Are they bullies? I think so.



I saw this rat again yesterday. They are territorial and it was returning from what looked like an exploration of neighbouring gardens or the nearby nature reserve. I’m hoping it is about to find a new home away from my garden. Otherwise, I might have to try to find a humane way of killing it.

Are they bullies?

Tom Watson has been rebuked by Jeremy Corbyn because Tom can see the problems that Corbyn refuses to face. Is Corbyn trying to bully him? There is evidence of bullying in the party by Corbyn followers and his radical group Momentum, which appears to be a party within a party. It’s not surprising that MPs have taken the radical step to leave the party and become independent. Labour isn’t the ‘nasty’ party but elements of it are quite nasty. The Tory’s have their old boys’ network and Labour have their cronies club. I don’t like either and they are both clubs for bullies. The condescending attitude of Rees-Mogg is abhorrent but so is the red flag waving socialism of the typical Momentum activist. If they were on Facebook they would probably be on the banned list with Tommy Robinson (Yaxley-Lennon).

Winter sunshine

This winter sunshine is most welcome but are we seeing another sign of global warming. I read this week about the damaging effects of making cement on the environment. They will be making a lot of it to build the great white elephant that will be HS 2. The old boys’ network will make shed loads of money from that by investing in construction. The cronies club have their principles of course and that includes a set in concrete ambition that involves nationalising the rail network. I suppose the addition of HS 2 would mean at least one new train on the nationalised network.


Meanwhile, Surrey experienced another earthquake measuring 3.00 early this morning. The suggestion that it might have been triggered by drilling for oil have been dismissed. Dr Stephen Hicks, a seismologist from Imperial College London said, “There’s nothing in the data to show that there was any plausible explanation why these earthquakes could have been induced or caused by drilling activities. We’re keeping an open mind, based on what new data becomes available.” I wonder what the cronies club policies are on drilling for oil in the UK? They probably want us all to ride bikes and use public transport.


I think British politics has become much more radical and that is because of social media. The likes of Corbyn, Trump and Yaxley-Lennon have an army of armchair warriors to support them and spread the word these days. The words they use are inflammatory and a fabrication of twisted half-truths that suit their particular narrative.  A narrative driven by their innermost fears and desires for power. It is that desire for power that turns them into bullies. The news that some MPs were forming an independent group didn’t surprise me.

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