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Wednesbury Flag

This was the result when I tried to design a flag for the town that I live in. It’s not much like a flag, but it’s quite artistic. I started with a photo of the church that overlooks the town and added a picture of a gull swooping down; then made it sepia and colorized it with Photoscape.

Heron on the pool in Wednesbury

I’ve been trying to photograph the wildlife using a 300mm lens and I’ve noticed some new additions to the usual water birds including this heron.

Flying gull

The gulls are a new addition to the pool too. I think I’ve seen some before, but there are a lot more now.

Gull in flight

Photographing them in flight is difficult, you have to move the camera at the same speed as the gull, it’s a bit hit and miss.


This swan came close but was partly behind a tree, so focusing was difficult. I aligned the focusing points on the swan and that provided the focus with the tree blurred in the foreground.

Wednesbury scene

The 300mm lens wasn’t the best choice for this shot, but the light was just right and I liked the scene.

Woden Road South, Wednesbury

The same applied with this shot, the light seemed good for the shot and it seemed interesting.

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