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Art and photography #photography

The traditional view of art is painting but these days all forms of art are considered important. I’m entering some of my photos in an art competition. One of them has already been in an exhibition so I hope it has a chance of winning. I’m not too concerned with winning, though. I have to choose photos to enter and I needed a photo that was taken in 2021 too, which wasn’t easy to get. So, taking part is important. 

art and photography

Emotional power

Any artwork or picture can have emotional power. It makes you feel something. This picture doesn’t really have that emotional effect on me but the other two pictures I’ve entered do make me feel I have created something good. So photography from that viewpoint is just like creating a painting. Art and photography are essentially the same, you’re creating things of beauty or things that will make people feel something. They might be pictures or sculptures or even music and words.

Art and photography

I did still life drawing at school and so a still life photograph for the competition seemed a good choice. It was that or go out in the snow to get a landscape picture. I haven’t been too well and so the latter choice didn’t appeal. The knowledge gained in my schoolboy art lessons played a part in taking this photo. Art and photography were linked in that my previous drawing helped me create this photograph. The way I lit my subject was important and I decided to try different ways of doing it. I liked it lit by natural light but there wasn’t enough light and so this image was taken with an off-camera flash providing the light. Maybe the competition judges will like it?

Winter photography

I have taken some beautiful snow pictures but you do need a little sunshine to get a good picture. As I write this it is sunny but looking at the snow does give me a headache! I have been suffering from migraines just lately though. The weather forecast promises a warmer weekend and a warmer week next week. I think I’ll pass on doing snow pictures this year! The beauty of winter also means it is difficult to travel and we get those weather warnings for a reason. My local hospital is struggling with half the beds filled by covid patients so this is the worst time possible to have a road accident or to slip and fall on an icy path. We must all try to stay safe. 


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