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I usually use some of my latest photos or edits for my Tuesday art and photography post. This week I have few new photos, because of the rain. I spent some time editing video that I shot in between the rain. It’s not very good, but maybe I can use video for some future posts.

Holding the camera still

Today’s photo was shot through the window of Walsall Art gallery last week. It was cloudy and the shot was a little ‘misty’ and lacked contrast. You can fix that in editing quite easily, by adding contrast. For all shots, you need to hold the camera still, but it’s more important in poor light on a slow shutter speed. You can rest on something. I’ll use anything handy, even a lamp post. You can also make sure your body is steady by having feet apart or one foot in front of the other.



I am quite tall and so taking a picture like this  would be difficult without lying on the ground. I parked the car next to the geese and they thought I had food and gathered  around. I got a much better picture from a seated position.


This photo isn’t very good. I zoomed in and then had to crop the finish picture so there was just the bird left.  It was about the size of a racing pigeon. Anyone know what it is? I haven’t seen one there before and there are quite a few of them.


When it just won’t stop raining, you can always do some close up macro photography indoors. I grew these! I must start my runner beans off earlier next year, they were delicious. The apples were good too. I’m not sure what I can do with the apple trees, they’re over 50 years old now and need some pruning.

A spooky

This edit is a little artistic. I took this shot of the street outside of the art gallery with it’s spooky Victorian buildings. I used one of the tools in PhotoScape to blur much of the picture and added a vignette, then converted it to grey scale. I like it, but it’s not quite spooky enough for Halloween.

Walsall Art Gallery

Walsall Art Gallery

Visiting art galleries can be inspiring. I took this picture in Walsall Art Gallery, but had to set the white balance on my camera to suit the lighting. It still came out a little dark and so I added contrast and made it lighter. It also needed straightening. I cropped an exhibit off that the artist doesn’t want photographed too. (Damien Hirst gets enough publicity anyway).

What do you think? Is there a picture that you like this week? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.

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