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Art cards and recognition #art #photography

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll let you into the labyrinth of neurons that is my mind and share my thoughts with you.  Yes, I’m still trying to sell my art cards, the initial enthusiasm from people seems to have waned now I have actually gone to the expense of having them printed. They are a limited edition print and so could be quite collectable in the future and they won’t self-destruct like Banksy’s picture.



Perhaps I need a Banksy style gimmick to publicise my artwork and to sell my art cards. Banksy does seem to attract attention and there is an element to his work that shows an intent to be controversial. I’m more into trying to unite people than cause division.

Art cards

I did ask in the Leathern Bottel, one of the pubs featured on my art cards if they would be interested in selling them for me. It would help me and promote the pub but I’ll have to see what they decide.  The cards do promote Wednesbury as a whole because it is a sample of art based on our culture and heritage. If they don’t sell I’ll find a use for them!


I still have problems with my health but I’m not giving up. I need more exercise to strengthen the muscle in my leg that keeps causing me pain. I have a few things to do this week that will keep me moving! On Wednesday, there are the presentations of the awards for the winners of the art competition. I’ll take a few pictures at that presentation. This will be my last year entering that competition. I think I can develop my art better without wasting money on competitions that don’t really lead to recognition.


I would like to do an art project that involves more participation. I have been asked if I would teach photography in the past. Some photographers do workshops for groups but I think I would be better trying to teach just one or two people at a time. It is something I can consider next year.


I did write some poetry to go with my pictures this year and although it didn’t get rave reviews I did at least begin to develop a style. I can’t perform it, I  get nervous doing nothing and I’m certainly not going to get into performance art but I can at least try to interact with people more and perhaps more successfully.

That’s it for this week, I think we all have to try to develop our skills and our interpersonal skills if we want to achieve something and gain recognition for our achievements. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or look for links on my Facebook page.

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