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Art and culture #ramble

I think the town I live in lacks some cultural opportunities. The art gallery rarely seems to have anything interesting on and only opens three days each week. It closes altogether in the winter. I think we could make a bit more of an effort to get funding from the Arts Council for a summer exhibition. The Royal Academy of Arts has a summer exhibition and so why shouldn’t we? Yes, today I’m sharing my thoughts with you as I usually do on a Sunday morning. I have art and culture on my mind this morning.

art and culture

Art and culture

This is the artwork I’ve been working on. I had to resize it a lot smaller to show it here. I’m thinking of having it printed on canvas. What do you think? Do you think be a decent addition to the art and culture of my town? The white border would get wrapped around the frame when it’s printed.

Public Relations

I’ve been really into public relations and social media recently and my artwork and graphic design fits in with that nicely, as does the writing and photography. It is keeping me busy and making me think creatively. I grew up in an industrial era surrounded by large factories and coughed my way through adolescence breathing in the pollution. I’m quite pleased to be part of the creative revolution. I think art and music is the future! I hope to use my public relations role to influence local art and culture and get people more interested in cultural activities. I enjoyed listening to jazz in the park last year and we are hoping to have a 40’s era day with collectors cars and 40’s fashion. A bit of time travel in the local park. How cool is that?


There was quite a lot of Bohemianism in the 1940’s so I suppose we could even have some ‘art in the park’ accompanied by some smooth jazz. I must admit to be fascinated by the Boho phenomenon that seems to have survived in some form in the most fashionable areas of the big cities for over 100 years.

The Black Country

There are people who think art and culture is too posh for the Black Country. I will photograph a horse drive in a few months time. The horse owners can’t exactly be described as  posh but listen to them talk amongst themselves and the topics as the same as the wealthy owners at Royal Ascot. Yes, they talk about the breeding of the horses and they take pride in a well turned out horse. Many of them even wear the same style clothes. They might drink beer rather than champagne but they enjoy it far more!

So there you have it. I’m in an art and culture mood today. I have to decide on what to have for lunch next and then I’m off out for some fresh air and photography. The settings on my camera are quite complicated and I found one I didn’t realise was there yesterday so I’ve turned an auto setting off and so I have something new to experiment with today. I must admit that experimenting and learning is my passion.  If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar and I’ll send you an email each time I post with a link or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also pictures, news and links on my Facebook page.

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