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Art for arts sake? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, and so as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Today’s title is “art for arts sake?” which was a song by 10 cc. It is also associated with Oscar Wilde who believed that art didn’t need to express anything. I take photographs and they evoke something in the viewer. I put a picture of a corner shop on Facebook yesterday and people commented about previous owners and one reader said it was her parent’s shop a long time ago.

art for arts sake

Art for arts sake?

Incidentally, I know that the apostrophe is missing from that title. I don’t put apostrophes in titles for technical reasons. They don’t transfer to Twitter properly and anyway, you know what I mean. Right? Art should provoke thought and hopefully, people will recognise something and have something to say about the art. I have wandered around art galleries in my younger days and engaged in conversation with other art lovers. I chat with the staff sometimes at my local art gallery. That is how it should be. Art should spark conversation and social interaction. Not now, of course, social interaction is not a good thing at all at the moment.

Sunday outing

It’s very windy this morning but sunny so I’m hoping to have my Sunday outing taking photos this afternoon. I have another corner shop that I hope to photograph. I have to plan my outings now because I can’t walk too far. I think I’ll be able to photograph a closed down pub, a fish and chip shop and a corner shop without walking too far. That is three of our favourite establishments! Those pictures should spark a few memories.

Stupidity knows no bounds

“Art for arts sake” is a good quote and maybe “Stupidity knows no bounds” should be a quote too. With people crowding onto streets to protest, queuing to get into pubs and Donald Trump saying they should cut testing to eradicate Covid-19. Stupidity knows no bounds, it’s everywhere! I don’t even trust the government not to be stupid. I have a sneaking feeling that we aren’t being told everything and that the media is being manipulated as far as this epidemic is concerned. We have learned that some older people have been pressurised into agreeing to “do not resuscitate” orders and now we find that 1 in 4 of the people that have died testing positive for coronavirus suffered from dementia. Were they given proper medical care or considered expendable? It seems they weren’t even taken to hospital. There should be a public enquiry into the whole epidemic in the UK.

Not going out

Anyway, I’m not going out to the pub or anywhere else where I might run into stupid people. Everyone is a potential carrier of the virus and we’re not being told where outbreaks are occurring. I suspect many outbreaks in hospitals and care homes are being covered up. Will outbreaks in pubs be covered up until it’s too late?

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