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Art for arts sake #ramble #art

It is Sunday morning and so once again I share my thoughts with you. Blogging is about sharing thoughts and keeping a log. I tend to write about things like photography and I do have photography on my mind today but I’m thinking of it as an art in itself. Today, I start my art project and I want People, Places and Things. The people are the easy bit. I want photos of people looking like they should look in a particular role. For example, I hope to take photos of narrow boat owners next week. I have a few places in mind like the canal and my local pool.

art for arts sake

Hydes Pool

This is Hydes Pool and I’m not quite so happy with this picture. Perhaps, I needed the duck closer to the centre? It can be difficult deciding what makes a great picture. I didn’t get it this time whatever it is. I think I will have to select lots of images and then narrow the selection down by process of elimination until I have a small collection that represents my view of art.


I’ve always been interested in psychology and human behaviour and I see tribalism everywhere. People try to fit in and behave in an acceptable manner. However, what is acceptable to one tribe is not always acceptable to another more developed tribe. One tribe might find racing around on scrambler bikes in a re-enactment of a primitive hunting experience not only acceptable but a display of their warrior skills. However, the general populace might not enjoy the risks or the noise. I often wonder why there are so many people who feel they are excluded from society and resort to primitive behavioural patterns that are now seen as antisocial. I have to ask the question, are the people of south-east England better off because they are socially more advanced than the people of the Midlands and the north? Primitive behaviour is a problem but I have no idea how to solve the problem.

Art for arts sake

Art is an escape from instinctive behaviour. Our instincts help us survive. Those primitive emotions help us find shelter, food and water. Art isn’t necessary for survival. Art is a symbol of our sophistication, we have moved on from being driven solely by our need to survive and have developed into sophisticated social beings. Some people, despite their attachment to their iPhones, were left behind. They can use an iPhone, but have no idea what a CPU is, let alone a GPU. They are driven by a need to survive, perhaps because they live in a deprived environment. They are certainly deprived of education and perhaps wealth too. They have to survive in a hostile environment and so try to be acceptable and if that means tattoos and body markings or a shaved head then that is what they need to survive. They might say their latest tattoo is art and in their world, I suppose it is. In the more sophisticated tribes that are perhaps more advanced, art is bought and sold for staggering amounts of money. Why is that? Is it because it is the symbol of how advanced mankind has become? Is it a symbol of status and is that a marker in the advancement of mankind rather than simple personal advancement?


Anyway, I have computers and digital cameras and these are my tools for creating art. I want to simply create symbols of our advancement as a species.

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