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Art in the six towns #Sandwell #photography

It’s rain stop play today. I can’t go out and take photos and so I’ll do some writing and in a few minutes empty my washing machine! I’ve been promoting the Blast festival which is our arts festival of photography, walks and talks taking place around the six towns of Sandwell. I’m also doing my own little art projects. I’ve started another album of photographs that I’ll give to a retirement home for them to pass around and chat about.

six towns

Highfields House

I also want to continue my art cards project. I would like to do a card for West Bromwich and one for Tipton. Highfields House would make a good card for West Bromwich or maybe a photo of the Farley tower. Tipton is a little more difficult and I intend to photograph the Fountain pub, the Pie Factory and the old Conservative club.


Wednesbury library sold 50 sets of the Wednesbury art cards and so maybe Tipton library will stock the Tipton one? If they stock all three art cards I might even get the community association to sell some too. That will make it more likely that West Bromwich library will be interested in an art card for West Bromwich.


These things take funding and so far I’ve made my art card project fund itself. The art cards project is a simple idea which is multi-purpose. It promotes my photography, produces something collectable, promotes the towns and provides a springboard to something even more ambitious. Maybe the next step after art cards might be gallery prints?

Sandwell Pride of Place Project

I have been promoting the Sandwell Pride of Place project as an admin of the Facebook group. I’ve found it interesting and I’ll try to go to some of the events that are part of the Blast festival. My art cards will probably go into the exhibition which will be at the former Poundland shop in the Kings shopping centre in West Bromwich. I do dislike these shopping centres. In theory, they work but in practice, they are a disaster which is why Poundland closed down. It’s the same with BHS, Debenhams and so on, they are all located in the wrong place. They do weird things in West Bromwich. They’ll block pave right across the road just to confuse drivers. They will take a drive off a roundabout into a car park and you take that by mistake and you can’t get out again! I digress, but West Bromwich is a horrible place especially down the dodgy end.

Six towns

Anyway, we have an arts festival in the six towns and I’ll be going to events in three of the six towns. I plan on going to events in West Bromwich, the poetry event in Tipton and maybe the event on the same day at Brook Street. I’ll try to attend all the events in Wednesbury. I’ve got a dodgy leg so I’ll just do my best!

So there you have it. My thoughts on the arts and in the six towns. If you would like subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest post. You can find links on my Facebook page too.

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