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Yes, it’s Sunday morning again, it soon rolls around. Once again I’m going to let you into the labyrinth of neurons that is my mind and share my thoughts with you. One of the reasons I go to art galleries is for inspiration but I’m not an artist in the traditional sense. My art is writing and photography. Yes, once again, I have art on my mind. Art is about communication.  Artists throughout the ages have tried to communicate with the people who will view their works in the galleries of the world. We now have a new medium to communicate with people and it’s called the internet.


The Mayor of Sandwell

I photographed the Mayor of Sandwell, Ahmadul Haque MBE presenting the awards to the winner and finalists of the ‘Bloomin Lovely Sandwell Art Trail competition this week. Molly Evans won with a photograph of heather in Sandwell Valley. We need more events in our art gallery to inspire and motivate people and the council and business community in the town should support that. Anyway, that is one reason I have art on my mind this week.


I’m doing an art project and I’m trying to photograph people, places and things. I want to do something different and take the photographs with a long lens preferably wide open (wide aperture). I think I need lots of natural light and I hope I can convert my photos to CMYK and have them printed at A1 and mounted on something like foam board. I know it sounds a bit crazy but I was partly inspired by Damien Hirst’s Pharmacist’s Creed for which he used a lightbox. He seems to manage to engage with his audience.

art on my mind

Art on my mind

Can people relate to this image of cars going around a roundabout? I think while I have art on my mind I need to think about it more and living alone I have lots of time to think. Maybe I need more interesting cars or more distinctive cars? Having three cars makes it more interesting and I saw one older car in excellent condition with a personalised number plate that would have been more suitable. I think I will have to take a lot more shots and wait for the image that I want. I’ll know it when I see it!


Audience Engagement

Will people relate to this image? Will it spark a little audience engagement? If this image is exhibited as a print will people stop and look at it and comment to their friends? It has a  sort of Coronation Street feel to it. It reminds me of our Victorian heritage. A street of terraced houses could be one of my ‘places’…

People, places or things?

That’s it for this week. I see the dark cloud clearing and a little sunshine. I have art on my mind and so I think I need an early lunch and then I can get out there capturing more images for my collection. What will it be this afternoon, people, places or things? That’s the theme for my art project. What do you think?

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