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The art of photography #photography

The early adopters of photography were, in fact, artists. They were fascinated by this new method of producing pictures. In the early days, photography required great skill and even today skill is still required to get really sharp pictures. Because photography is open to everyone it is often thought of as unskilled. The art of photography has therefore been seen as something anyone can do. However, good composition and dedication are still in the realm of the true artist.

art of photography


The ubiquitous selfie is often composed badly and is rarely a sharp image. They are taken with a wide aperture, cell phones only shoot with a wide aperture and so the selfie has its place but the art of photography means a sharp image. This image is quite sharp because I used a shallow depth of field that gives us not only a sharp image but a nice bokeh in the background.

The art of photography

Taking photography to a level where it is considered an art requires a dedication to the art that will produce good images in low light like this one and in my view the images should produce some sort of emotional response from the viewers. The art of photography is to spark a narrative or conversation.

Art cards

This is one of the images I used for my set of art cards. The buildings in the picture are grade II listed and so they are treasured buildings and people relate to them. The pub is the Old Blue Ball and the church is St Mary’s, both buildings that will hold memories for many people.


Each of today’s pictures tells a story and the art of photography is understanding the story as well as taking a good photograph. The artist empathises with the viewer. The photographer, as an artist, puts himself in the place of the viewer and asks how the viewer will feel viewing the image. What will the viewer feel, what will the viewer think, what will be the resultant conversation?

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