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Artist challenges #64MillionArtists

It is the last day of the January challenges from 64 million artists and I have quite enjoyed it and it gives me something to write about on those days when I wake up feeling quite brain-dead and uninspired. These artist challenges have done me some good and I have been thinking more creatively. I was wandering around the house photographing things yesterday. It made my arm hurt because my new camera is quite heavy with the long lens on. I realised that my elbow had swollen when I finally got into bed last night. It’s much better this morning, though.

artist challenges

Artists challenges

This was my creation in answer to today’s challenge. It is four of the images from the challenges in a collage. The doodle that looks like abstract art looks quite good.

artist challenges

3D Art

If you look carefully you’ll see the scribbled lines are actually coloured to give a 3D effect to the image. I think this image would look great printed professionally and really big! This was one of the artist challenges and we were actually asked to doodle. I doodled on a computer screen.

artist challenges

Favourite music

I can’t remember what this challenge was, something about music and I produced this graphic image. I added the words, “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave…”

Anyway, those are a few of the images I created for the January challenge. I think I should get an artist’s commission now. Don’t you? At least a photographic commission!

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I’ll finish with a few conventional images:

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