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Artist, writer, photographer? #ramble

Regular readers will know that I just ramble and share my thoughts on a Sunday morning. It is Sunday and the sun is shining in the Black Country! After 2 weeks of staying in I feel the call of the wilds! I think I’ll go for a walk this afternoon and take some photos. I am undecided about where to go. I can understand people who want to go outside their immediate area but we should stay local So Wednesbury or Darlaston? I  live between the two!


64 Million Artists

The lunch box picture is one I created for the 64 Million Artists January challenge. I think it’s pretty cool. I need another cool photograph for an art competition. I have submitted one entry but I need an entry created between January and March 2021. I’ll do something before the closing date but I have to cope with very poor light or do an indoor photograph. I could do a written entry or even paint something but I’m inclined to stick with what I’m good at.

Who dies, who lives

Doctors are deciding who dies from covid and who lives because of a lack of resources. Of course, we need twice as many ICU doctors and nurses but we don’t have them. More wards need to be opened up as make-shift ICU’s with experienced staff spread around. Difficult decisions will have to be made but choosing younger people over older people for the best treatment is not acceptable. First come first served doesn’t seem right either. In this instant, I think using private hospitals might be a temporary answer to part of the problem. They have experienced doctors after all. We certainly need to use all the resources we have to our best advantage. Community nurses can play a part in looking after recovering patients in their own homes. There are no easy solutions and we all need to do our bit and adhere to the restrictions.

Artist or writer

What am I, a photographer which is an artist, of course, or am I simply a writer?  A writer is an artist. If I could paint pictures then I would be a more traditional artist and wouldn’t have this identity crisis. I really have something to prove, just to myself. I need an absolutely brilliant picture that would prove I can create one despite the wintry weather. If all else fails, I could photograph my lunch! I think I’m rambling more than usual! My lunch box photo is cool though, right?

Mental health

Most people are questioning themselves in this lockdown. I’m not the only one having a existential identity crisis! We are defined by what we do and I am writing so I haven’t been absorbed into a creative abyss yet. I’m listening to more music too and it helps me sleep, strangely enough. I think Bach’s Air on a G String is a good piece to listen to, before you go to sleep. What am I listening to? Status Quo! Down Down and Dirty at Wacken on Youtube seems to put me in the right mental state to sleep… Whatever you want, whatever you need…

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