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Artistic editing in Photoscape #photography

When I’m in a creative mood I like to do some artistic editing of my photographs and I create some artistic edits of famous quotes for our writers’ group. Different photographers use different editing software. I use AfterShot sometimes, Windows Live Gallery for basic editing and I use Photoscape (a free download) for artistic editing.

artistic editing

Artistic editing

I took this picture out of the window when we had lots of snow. In editing, I made the picture lighter to make the snow look whiter than it actually was. I added a gradient 06 border in Photoscape which is a gradient from the edges inwards and is a good border that I use a lot. I also added my copyright notice using Photoscape. The font for that is called ‘Attract more women’. I have also added the ‘A Zillion Ideas’ logo which I did on and that is a vectored graphic. You can overlay that onto images in Photoscape.


Market Place

I’ve used that same white border on this picture of the Market Place in Wednesbury. I made this picture a little bit lighter as well. The clock tower was dark and so I lightened it a little and then added the copyright notice. I also levelled the image a little in PhotoScape.

going too far

Writers’ Group

I did this edit in PhotoScape for the Facebook page of our newly formed Darlaston Writers’ Group which meets each week in Darlaston library. I also do the cover photos for the Facebook pages that I am admin of in PhotoScape including the ever-popular History of Wednesbury. Try editing, either your own photos or someone else’s, it’s fun!

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