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Artistic expression through pictures #photography

Some artists simply ‘express’ themselves and even throw paint at a canvas to express their anger or frustration. Photographers also express themselves in that they choose what to shoot and they have some choice in the way their work is displayed to others. We don’t just take snaps, we see the beauty and we capture it. Our artistic expression through the pictures we create is made by our choices.

artistic expression through pictures

Artistic expression through pictures

Even displaying a picture on my blog is a choice and the way it is displayed is a choice too. My artistic expression through pictures can be influenced by my mood and often by my mood when I was taking the picture. The images also reflect my character. I like beauty while other photographers shoot quite different images that reflect a different mood and those images have a different character. My choice of image today also reflects that the images were taken in spring and that perhaps reflects the fact I am looking forward to spring and the opportunities that will bring for my photography.

The spring equinox

It’s less than four weeks now to the spring equinox when the days will be longer and the weather will hopefully be warmer. The dark days of winter are numbered! I will be out and about again in the spring taking more pictures and that too is artistic expression through pictures. I’ll be going to my favourite beauty spots but also I’ll be looking to discover new places and new ways to take pictures. I’ll be going around our conservation zone looking at the buildings and taking photos of the more interesting features. I hope to persuade a few people to pose for photos in the conservation zone too and maybe take some candid photos of people. I have a 28 –  300mm lens on my camera now and I’ll be making good use of that this year and taking lots of candid photos.


As I have been writing this it has been sunny and it looks like spring already. It’s windy today but that can be a good sign and a sign that spring might come early. I have bluebells in my garden and signs of the daffodils coming up, so nature says it’s getting ready for spring. I’ve bought lots of seed to grow wildflowers too and they will attract the butterflies so I hope there will be lots to photograph in the garden. We are still in lockdown but I’ll continue to be cautious even when I am going out again. The pandemic isn’t over yet.

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