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Artistic ideas #Wednesbury #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my innermost thoughts with you. The bad news this week is that I might need surgery on my hip. I hate being in hospital but I shall try to look on the bright side. At least this time I’ll have a decent phone so I can stay in touch and run my Facebook pages! Isn’t technology great? Anyway, with the Blast photography festival coming I have a few artistic ideas that I am trying to work on.

artistic ideas

Around the market

I walked around the market yesterday taking photos for an artist who wants to do an exhibition there. I had an idea for an exhibition there some time ago and even had a picture printed on foam board. My plan was to attach the pictures to the railings with cable ties. You need the pictures to be durable and waterproof though. I stole my idea from Damien Hirst who used a commercial light box for his Pharmacist’s Creed work. Why not use a standard advertising board?

Wednesbury politics

A couple of local councillors in Wednesbury were deselected this week. The mayor and deputy mayor got the chop. I wasn’t surprised, I had already heard rumours. Politics can be a nasty business and the fact no reason has been given shows they have something to hide. There have been rumours and downright allegations of corruption, bullying and cronyism for some time. It would be nice to think they are weeding out bad apples but I think it is the bad apples who are doing the weeding. Every cloud has a silver lining and the moderates have no choice but to fight back. It also gives the opposition a chance. Can the opposition parties put out a moderate message and give voters a choice? I have noticed the Liberal Democrats are trying to use social media to engage people more. The other two parties don’t have a clue about social media management.

Artistic ideas

My crazy idea of the week was to video the church with the bells ringing. That didn’t work but it might be a great idea when the nights are lighter! As the photo above shows, I can now get great photos even in low light but video, when it’s dark and windy, doesn’t work! My artistic ideas don’t always work out but you have to keep trying and experimenting…


I went to a retirement home last week and once again I was asked for old pictures for the residents to look at. I am doing old and modern and have put 170 into a folder. I want to have 200 printed. I’ll try to sort out more than 200 and then choose the best ones. I’ll get a good price having 200 printed. So that is another of my artistic ideas.

Gallery print

The same place that will print those 200 prints does gallery prints and I’m thinking of having another gallery print done. Today’s picture would make a nice gallery print but the same scene shot in better light might be a better idea. So I have a few artistic ideas to keep me busy and stop me worrying about being referred to an orthopaedic surgeon! I think my new camera will take me to a professional standard now but I still have to contend with the weather and poor light. The dark clouds aren’t so much of a problem, though. Maybe one day, I’ll be the artist with a solo exhibition?

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