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Community photography

Artistic mood #ramble #photography #art

It’s Sunday morning and once again I share my thoughts with you, such as they are. I’m in an artistic mood, this week. I had an interesting week and took photos with the Caravan Gallery who are also taking photos as part of the Sandwell Pride of Place Project. We need to take more pride in our community, so anything I can do to make things better, I will try. I have photography on my mind today because it is the Black Country Horse Drive.


Graphic design

I also took some photos of the flowers in the garden and used them to do a bit of graphic design. I have flowers on my mind because the floral displays in May can be quite spectacular if you know where to look. There will be millions of flowers down the canals and the river.

In an artistic mood


I thought this might make a good postcard with a very poignant message. I’m really in an artistic mood just lately!


I also have my picture ready for the art competition and it might be suitable for next year’s art festival as well. I am told it is suitable for an outside display and so could be displayed anywhere.

Artistic mood

When I’m in an artistic mood I often go to an art gallery to look for inspiration or at least for ideas relating to the composition of pictures. Today, I have the Black Country Horse Drive to photograph and I’ll hopefully see the photographers from the Caravan Gallery along the way.

Blast Photo Festival

My artistic mood is being driven by my involvement in the Blast! Photography Festival which will be an art festival for Sandwell. I am trying to make sure the town I live in is involved, collaborates and contributes to the festival. We also need to learn from visiting artists and photographers so perhaps next time, we can use all local talent.

This is a very short post this week – not so much on my mind as usual!

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