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Artistic or what?

aa poppies

I’ve started today’s post with an artistic image. I’ve actually been invited to submit some for an art exhibition. I think it’s in New York. It’s unfortunate I don’t have enough time to produce some high resolution images for it.

I also had an email from Buenos Aires; with photographs of a railway turntable that was made here in Wednesbury, over 100 years ago. We made things in those days and we made them to last. The Black Country generated wealth for the rich, but the workers didn’t benefit very much from all the industry. We now see deprivation everywhere. I don’t know why so many immigrants come here. Perhaps they like the pound shops, charity shops, pawn brokers and pay day loan companies?

Finance Friday | Making society fairer was yesterday’s blog post. What do you think? Should the people earning 100K and more be paid a little less, so people on tax credits and minimum wage can be paid a bit more?

More thrifty bargain hunting was Thursday’s thrifty post. I’ve been looking at free days out. There are some fun days and carnivals coming up in the Black Country. I shall mention those in posts as I find out about them.

The lord of the manor was Wednesday’s effort. You can become a lord of the manor for less than £50,000. What would you do as lord or lady of the manor? Would you lead the community and make it better or parade around in a luxury car showing people how much better than them you are?

Nikon D3200 | Photographing the park was my Tuesday art and photography post. I have studied the camera now and should get some better pictures this weekend.

Psychology | The subconscious mind was Monday’s usual psychology post. Where would we be without the subconscious mind automating most of our actions for us? 

Sunday thoughts of beans and things was my Sunday ramble. I’ll be back tomorrow with another ramble, about, whatever happens to be on my mind…

What do you think of today’s picture? Artistic or what? You can double click on that to bring it up larger. You could even download it, print it out and frame it!

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