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Autumn and winter #thrifty

The autumn starts in a few days in Britain and so we have to think about saving money through autumn and winter.  Food that is suitable for colder weather like soups and stews can save money because they require cheaper cuts of meat or even no meat at all.

To add protein to stews use protein-rich peas or beans. Use highly flavoured vegetables like onions with herbs and spices to make a stew everyone will enjoy without using very much meat or you can even try leaving it out altogether. Using sausages as the base for a stew or casserole can be a good idea. The traditional grey peas and bacon recipe in the Black Country uses bacon and dried (grey) peas as an additional source of protein. You can vary the recipe a little by adding onion and a stock cube.

Keeping warm

Baked potatoes with sausages or sausage and mash with onion gravy are great warming winter dishes that are also welcomed on Halloween and bonfire night.  You need to think about clothing for autumn and winter too and start sorting out warmer clothing for all the family. I’ll be taking photos in freezing weather through autumn and winter and will be wearing a warm parka, several layers of clothing that will include thermal underwear for those photo shoots that require me to be out in the cold for any period of time. I have fingerless gloves so I can operate the camera and gel hand warmers for when my hands are really cold. It all helps me to keep warm.


The Aldi super-six offers have changed this week, they are sweet pointed peppers, white mushrooms (380g), romaine lettuce (2), cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), mild onions (4) and fun-size pears. They are all 59p and the offers continue to Wednesday the 23rd of September.

I still haven’t tried those peppers, but they might be a good addition to a stew.

The special buys today are lots of things for babies. The top special buy is a speed buggy.

The special buys on Sunday are all related to cooking with the food mixer as the top one.

There was a bit of a crowd around the slow cookers when I went and I didn’t have too much time but I might take a look at those next time. They are useful for winter stews. I noticed the car park was nearly full this week, but they had enough tills open to get people through quickly. It’s not just the prices that are attracting people to Aldi, it’s the fast and friendly service. The bigger supermarkets should invest in staff training and do better stock management.

There are events in autumn like bonfire and firework nights. Going to these can be cheaper and safer than having your own event in the back garden. You can always leave a casserole in the oven to eat when you get home.

We also need to think about Christmas early. I look for Christmas presents all through the year and will buy drinks and some food early to avoid seasonal price rises.

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