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Autumn colours and cooler days #ramble


Autumn is truly upon us now and the light for photography is getting warmer and less harsh and nature is getting ready for its winter sleep. Along with those golden autumn colours, we are also experiencing cooler days. Talk is of Halloween and bonfires and there are reports of fireworks already. That could just be a community signal to signify a certain delivery…



Yes, it’s Sunday morning and so I’m sharing my thought with you once again. What’s on my mind this morning? Well, photography obviously, it’s a sunny morning but what will I point my camera at today? I was sitting in a waiting room this week, waiting, as you do and I picked up a magazine. There were lots of photos of models and only one photo set was actually any good. I was reminded of David Bayley and Jean Shrimpton.  David Bayley was an opinionated photographer, a bit like me and working class so he could cut through all the bull shit. He wasn’t some posh git who took crap photos of overpaid models, he wanted pictures that told a story. He didn’t want plastic poses and he even refused to use a full frame camera, choosing instead to shoot with a 35mm he was familiar with. You have to be down to earth and pragmatic to survive if you’re working class and so David Bayley cut through all the fake photos, the luvvie hugging and created photos people could relate to. I have a photo shoot  soon with a young would-be model. I could do that!


David Bayley was quite brave to do that. He went against the norm  and imagined something better. That is what creativity is all about. I did take a few candid pictures this week that I was quite pleased with, even the posed pictures weren’t too bad. You have to be brave and willing to experiment and so something different or you don’t really create anything. Anyone can take a picture, a photographer needs to create an image that says something.


I’m really into psychology as well as photography. I ask questions. Why do we celebrate celebrities? We are tribal in nature and it is natural to look up to the tribal elders and appreciate them but why do people regard pop stars and soccer players so highly? I suppose we value entertainment above all else. People will pay extortionate sums to watch a pop star or go to a soccer match and then moan about the gas bill or the price of petrol. Is entertainment more important than travel and more important than keeping warm in winter? Do we just take the necessities of life, like keeping warm for granted and only appreciate the ‘luxuries’? I have also been pondering the burning need we have to return Christmas cards and gifts. We reciprocate lots of things and it works out quite expensive at times.  I think reciprocity is an important social rule. People who can’t reciprocate what society does for them are frowned on and Channel Four make programmes about them like ‘Benefit Street’. Ignore social rules at your peril.

Anyway, where can I go to get some autumn pictures? I might take a  look at the park and see if that will lend itself to an autumn scene. I shall take filters with me today wherever I go because the subject of Tuesday’s photography post will probably be about using filters. I used a double filter on Tuesday UV and soft focus together!

I think I’ll end with a few photos. If you would like to follow this blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find more ideas and photos on my Facebook page.

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