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The autumn colours #ramble #photography

It’s Sunday morning again and so what is going on inside my head this week? The neurons are buzzing but I can’t decide what to do with my day. There is a car boot sale in the marketplace so I might go and look at that. The trees near there are turning to autumn colours so they might make a good photograph. I definitely need to go to Teddy Gray’s shop and stock up on herbal tablets now the colder weather is coming. The autumn colours are beginning so this could be the best time to take photographs. What shall I do?

Looking for autumn colours

Looking back

Looking back on my life, I know I have made mistakes and I’ve done stupid things. I talk to young students and try to advise them so they avoid a lot of the mistakes but they make their own mistakes. You can’t prevent them doing unwise things because you’re not wise when you’re young. Wisdom comes with age and even then you have to seek it to acquire it. I prefer to look forward to the future rather than look back at the past.


I have a calendar on my phone that reminds me of things and it’s filling up for October. This week will be a little bit busy. I have an appointment with the nurse for my flu jab and B12 injection. I usually let the student nurse do mine, they have to practice on someone, don’t they? That’s an advantage of being old, you have had that much prodding and poking, a couple of little needles is nothing to get excited about. Then on Tuesday, we have our musical soiree in the library. I saw a lady who usually attends at the art gallery yesterday. I thought she looked familiar but I didn’t recognise her. That’s the trouble with growing old, you have all that wisdom and no fear of needles but you can’t remember what day it is. Anyway, in October I have two appointments down to do with art and two appointments at hospitals so it could be an interesting month.

Autumn colours

I noticed the autumn colours as I drove past the leisure centre yesterday. I should get a few decent photos today before the rain starts again. The light is quite good this morning. With the autumn colour, we also get the autumn chill as the weather changes. I noticed a lot of people wearing their warm parkas and woolly jumpers yesterday. I shall wear my thermal underwear again for some photography this winter. I’ll have to find all my winter things out ready for the bad weather. I have fingerless gloves that help keep my hands warm but the ends of my fingers freeze. I need an idea to fix that problem. Maybe gloves that have fingers that are thin enough that I can feel the shutter release on my camera that I can wear under my fingerless ones?


I listened to jazz at the art gallery yesterday afternoon and looked around at the art on display and looked for inspiration. I didn’t find any, it was dark and drab. Down the long gallery, I could see my picture exhibited but that didn’t attract much attention either. Maybe, taking photos today will inspire me to create something artistic. I can but try. My printer is working again. I might print a couple of photos this week. They look so much better printed and framed. I’m down to my last colour ink cartridge so they might have to be black and white.

That’s it for this week, nothing very exciting happening. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.You can also find links and ideas on my Facebook Page. The next post will be photography on Tuesday.

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