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Autumn money savers #thrifty

Autumn started yesterday and I made my first autumn stew. They have the stew packs in Aldi now and all those carrots will help us see in the dark in the coming months! It’s getting quite chilly now and so we need warming foods.

Super Six

The Aldi super-six this week are Royal Gala apples, baby corn (135g), figs (4), plums (400g), Charlotte potatoes (1Kg) and mixed peppers (3). That offer ends on Wednesday the 8th of October.

Special Buys

The special buys today include lots of things for cyclists and with the nights getting darker, you need to be sure that you can be seen. There are also special buys on security products that include a Yale electronic safe.

The top special buy on Sunday is an air compressor and there are air tools to go with it.  There are also decorating products. The product that interest me is the pack of Halogen light bulbs. I would like to try the 70W bayonet cap one. They have to be brighter than the fluorescent ones.


Matalan has been sending me a lot of offers. With the new season starting they have a lot of new lines in for autumn/winter and so the summer products are on offer. Some sweaters are on offer, 2 for £20 from their new stock, so it’s worth having a look.  Clothing prices are creeping up again, so we have to look for bargains.

If you have to shop at Tesco because it’s you local store, check out their offers before you go.  The same applies to Asda, but they have a lot more offers.


Christmas is only 3 months away and it can be an expensive time. It’s a good idea to think about the food and drink now and start to stock up if you can. Presents too can be bought in advance and it not only spreads the cost but allows you to find the bargains too.

You can also personalise gifts with a little ingenuity. I might use some of my photos that I’ve framed this year, which might make acceptable gifts.

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