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Autumn offers #thrifty

There are lots of ways we can save money and we don’t have to become really mean to do it, not unless money is really short. We need the basics; a home, food and water. We also need to pay taxes.

It’s good to have a way of communicating in an emergency and so most people view a telephone as essential. Clothing is an essential too, but like food it’s one essential where you can shop around and save money.


Matalan sent me a voucher for 20% off online or in-store. I do have a smartphone, but I’m not very good with ‘apps’. I did get the voucher to come up on the screen with the Matalan app so I can show that at the checkout and get 20% off. I think this offer is for people who have registered and have a Matalan card, which you can get by filling in a form in store. I shall be close to a Matalan store on Monday so I might drop in. Farmfoods is there too, so I might drop in there too. I have their leaflets quite regularly but have never shopped there. I don’t think much of their website. I think I’ll buy pyjamas at Matalan, they keep you warm in winter and I wander around the house a little, usually getting food and drink!


The Aldi super-six this week are carrots (1 Kg), savoy cabbage, baby maris peer potatoes (1 Kg), broccoli, onions (1 Kg) and swede. They are all 39p and great for making autumn casseroles and stews.

I like celery and white cabbage in my stew and I bought both this week, so I might do some cooking today.

Quick Wash

I’m also doing some washing because although it’s a little chilly today, we have some sunshine. The liquid I buy now is for lower temperatures and so if I put the machine on a low-temperature quick wash, I save on time and electricity. You don’t need to add so much liquid for clothes that just need to be freshened up.

Special Buys

The Aldi special buys today are mostly home ware with All Seasons duvets as the top offers.

The Sunday special buys are more varied and the top offer is a man’s padded gilet for 8.99. I want one of those but want one with really big pockets, large enough to hold a camera lens. I watched a press photographer changed lenses last night and he had to put a very expensive lens on the floor while he changed it. There must be a better way. There are some casual shoes too, which I also need, but I think I prefer real leather.


They have a padded gilet on offer at Asda, but again the pockets are too small. I looked at the shoes too. I had a great pair from Asda a few years ago, they have a lot of grip when I’m out taking photos near water. It took over a year to find those and now I’m hunting for a replacement.

I’m thinking about Christmas presents, it’s only 11 weeks away. If you buy things early, it not only makes it easier, it also spreads the cost. I save now on Christmas greetings. I give cards to neighbours, but use the internet for all other greetings. The price of stamps is ridiculous now.

You might think to save pennies here and there isn’t worth it, but they soon mount up and saving just a few pounds a week, gives you more to spend at Christmas.

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