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Avoiding the truth #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Sometimes we have to face the truth. A loved one dies and we can’t bring them back and so we have to face the awful truth. The trauma does affect our mental health. We are now in a pandemic and it is traumatic for those directly affected by it and for the rest of us it is causing anxiety. We must face the awful truth because avoiding the truth puts us all at risk. We have to act collectively to try to eradicate this virus that affects us all. Yes, it affects people like me more because of my age and health problems but it also affects young people. Young people are less likely to die from Covid-19 but if they catch it, it is likely to be a traumatic event from which they might not fully recover. We all need to take the pandemic seriously, young and old.

avoiding the truth


Being Sunday, I also have photography on my mind. A walk will be good for my mental health and being aware of your surroundings and living in the moment is good for mental health too. I don’t know where I will go today but does it really matter as long as I can see things to photograph?


I put a couple of posts on Facebook about the pandemic yesterday because there seems to be little leadership at a local level just lately. Of course, I got the usual inane comments from people who can’t accept the truth and wish to simply ignore the pandemic and live life as normal. Their immaturity puts us all at risk but there is nothing we can do about it. Respect for authority figures such as councillors has been eroded over the past few years by unsubstantiated claims of corruption. Claims by one tory MP that the council was a swamp that needed draining spurred on scurrilous blog posts and posts on social media that added to the lack of respect for community leaders. Now we need those community leaders and councillors to lead, they are unable to do so. Those community activists, who are opposed to everything but do nothing constructive themselves still criticise and are shown for what they are, totally useless in a crisis. The so-called activists are so good at avoiding the truth and live in a fantasy world where anyone in power is corrupt. The truth is it is they who are morally corrupt.

A new normal

The world has changed and our communities have changed. We will have to accept a ‘new normal’. The contrarians will continue avoiding the truth and resist change and that is true of those in power at the national level too. Boris and his Old-Etonian chums dislike change. They are elitist and want the power to remain in the hands of the elite but in this crisis, we are seeing the real experts brought in. Boris, IDS and Rees-Mogg and just over-privileged voices with self-serving ideals but no ability to lead in a crisis. I do have to pay tribute to Matt Hancock who has shown leadership and spoken well throughout the crisis. I’m not anti-tory, I simply recognise incompetence and weak leadership for what it is.

Avoiding the truth

We all find the truth hard to accept sometimes. The truth is, the NHS has been underfunded for years and is a large organisation that wastes a lot. It is overly bureaucratic and values it’s managers more than the cleaners who actually clean up the mess. It is the doctors, nurses and cleaners who have taken the brunt of the epidemic. Those of us with health problems aren’t just at risk from Covid-19 we have seen our healthcare disappear as the NHS struggles with an epidemic. Mental health services were in crisis before the epidemic, not they are virtually non-existent. We will, however, try to survive and try to accept the truth.

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