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Aware of the markets #ThriftyThursday

I would normally use local markets to find bargains but my interest now are the stock markets rather than town markets. I’m trying to avoid the crowds because of Covid-19. I’m not spending too much money at the moment but I still have to pay the bills! I use apps on my phone to manage my money and I checked this morning to see if the payments for my AA breakdown and my car insurance have been taken from my bank account. I also have the AA app on my phone which is useful if I breakdown. Being aware of markets helps me save money. Markets mean competition and competition means we can change our supplier if we want a better price.

aware of the markets


I’m still trying to get my broadband sorted out. TalkTalk promised me ‘faster fibre’ for 19.95 a month and £100 compensation for poor service. They send me a notification saying my Faster Fibre was costing £20.99 and no mention of the £100 compensation. I had to go online and they canceled it and I am supposed to contact them again and arrange a new order at £19.95. It’s still poor service but what can you expect with call centres in Bangalore and Kuala Lumper? I’ll have another go at getting it sorted out today. Poor communication takes time but as a retiree, I do have plenty of time. Using your time to negotiate better deals can mean significant savings.

Aware of the markets

I’m fairly aware of what’s going on in the world’s markets. The oil price is at rock bottom at around $38 but will it start rising as the world economy starts moving again? I think confidence is still low and investors are very nervous. Large companies are struggling to raise investment and are offering equity at discounts, not to us private investors though! I might buy a few RBSB shares if the oil price starts to go up. BP might be a good one to buy too. The price of gold is high but it keeps going up and down depending on sentiment. The Brexit debacle is keeping investors on this side of the Atlantic nervous about the future. Being aware of the markets and the effect of political ideology on them can help you save money.


I’m having all the grocery shopping delivered and that is about all the money I’m spending besides bills. I’m thinking about gifts for Christmas now! I don’t intend to go out shopping, I’m doing all my shopping online so bargain hunting is limited but not impossible. I find Amazon quite good for bargains but they do overcharge if you’re not very careful. I’ll miss getting those little things like gift bags from Poundland this year but you can buy online from Poundshop for a delivery cost of £4.95. The delivery driver should make the delivery and keep 2–metres away from you. They use DPD to do the deliveries. DPD has had a Covid-19 outbreak at one depot so make sure they stick to the guidelines. I had DPD pick up a parcel from me and I passed it through a window and the same when it was returned.


I’ve found I have to buy new licenses for some of the software I use on my laptop and that could work out quite expensive. I am going to buy Blogjet which is a reasonable price and I now use it to write my blogs but some of the software I can do without or use free versions. It’s worth Googling for the software you need. For example, I use the free version of Avast antivirus and I use PhotoScape for editing pictures.

Charity shops

Many charity shops have suffered a loss of trade this year and some are closing down. I suspect that will leave the better ones to continue to trade. You can get some good bargains in charity shops and you’re helping a good cause so don’t ignore them. They are upcycling clothing and other goods which is also good for the environment.

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