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Aware of value #thrifty

aware of value

When we are shopping or buying anything, we can save money just by becoming more aware of value. The cheapest products aren’t always the best value. The expensive products aren’t always the best quality, either.

Aware of value

We can become more aware of value but also more aware of marketing ploys such as supermarkets and manufacturers using misleading claims and packaging. They might mark the product as coming from a farm that sounds traditional and sustainable but does the farm really exist? Does Mr. Kipling really make the cakes? Are chickens really cheaper if you buy three for £10? You can also look at products like clothing, feel the quality and check the stitching. Pierre Cardin sounds like a name you can trust but the clothes are still made in cheap labour countries like Bangladesh. Quality control might be better than the cheaper brands but are the products good value for money?

End of aisle

Stores often display goods they want to promote at the end of aisle positions or close to the checkouts. You can sometimes pick up a bargain, but be aware of value. It might look like it is discounted but how much was it before?

Running the car

This week, I’m trying to renovate my car. It’s 19 years old and still only has around 50,000 miles on the clock. I’ve filled a couple of little dents and cleaned it and today I’ll start touching up the paintwork. Being aware of the value, I’ve bought a polish to finish it that professionals use for showroom cars and the touch-up paint was mixed to match the car. I’ll take photos when it’s finished! I’ve been driving it for 12 years and the cost including buying it and maintenance (including MOTs) comes to about £4,200 . I think £350 a year is  good value. The insurance, car tax and breakdown costs more than that. I also shop around for insurance, drive carefully to save on petrol and so the total cost is around £1,300 a year including fuel. I admit I don’t drive many miles, though.


Before buying expensive items ask other people for their experiences and accept recommendations. I did that when I bought a cell phone and that didn’t out work well, but I do save a lot by using GiffGaff, so I can afford a new cell phone! If you have a phone that is not locked to a particular provider, GiffGaff can save you quite a lot of money.You can get a sim and £5 of credit by clicking the link in the sidebar.

In the garden

I hope to be doing some work in the garden as the weather improves and again being aware of value can save you money. Don’t just go to the garden centre to buy your garden supplies, check out prices in the supermarkets too. Be aware of the variations in prices and the quality. Check things like soil acidity too. It is a shame to plant your vegetable plot and find you get a poor crop because the soil was too acid. Might it be better to treat it with garden lime before you start?

That’s it for today, I hope I’ve shared a few money saving ideas. If you would like to follow this blog, just enter your email address in the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more ideas on my Facebook page.

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