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Bad news sells newspapers #media

It seems bad news is everywhere on social media. If you circulate a headline asking if we are headed for another financial crash, fear will kick in and people will read the hysterical nonsense. The nationalist nonsense circulating about Brexit is driven by people with no real knowledge of how the European Union works and are in fact, small-minded racists.

bad news

Broken Britain?

Yes, my broken Britain image is meant to attract attention on Facebook and Twitter and entice people to read my article. It is designed to strike fear into those already nervous about where Britain’s future may lie. Why are they nervous? Because day in and day out they are bombarded with fake news on social media and manipulated news in their newspaper. People have accused the BBC of bias but they are the model of unbiased news compared to newspapers like the Daily Mail. Even the Guardian now leans firmly to the left while using writers with extraordinary vocabularies that are far more developed than the average Labour voter. They often have me turning to Google for the meaning of some words.

Bad news

Bad news does sell newspapers. The editors are quite wilful in preying on people’s fears. It is like the movies, as we call them these days. A nice movie doesn’t sell, people expect violence and sexual content. They expect gratuitous violence and obscene language. Don’t they?  Some of the most successful movies like The Sound of Music had a more positive message. Love Actually was a quite successful movie and free of violence but even that had the odd four letter f-bomb which was really unnecessary. The movie producers like the newspaper producers are quite wilful in preying on people’s fears.

Broken Society

Perhaps Britain is broken? Perhaps we should look at society worldwide and ask why we need all this wilful spread of fear and bad news over positive imagery. Why do we need horror and violence in our movies? Why do we feel the need to be wilful and to shock our audiences? I see people longing for a past that they imagine being crime-free and much more genteel. Of course, it was never like that but we all dream of peace and quiet. A quiet beer in the garden of a country pub or cream teas at the height of summer. The advertisers try to sell us these images of a genteel life free from worry. The gentler life portrayed in the Downton Abbey type historical dramas is popular amongst audiences from all levels of society but not the money spinner that violence is.


Perhaps the most wilful of all are the owners of the social media companies and the search engines for whom it is profit at any cost. They allow vicious memes to circulate and have even been a vehicle for recruitment to terrorist organisations. Is it time we looked at the newspaper industry, movie industry and the internet and asked a few pertinent questions about what they are doing to society and to people’s minds?

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