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Balance in life #life


Everything in life seems to be a about balance and compromise. You can have too much of a good thing, obesity has become an epidemic in the western world. The can spend too much time alone and become lonely or spend too much time in the fresh air and get skin damage from the wind and the sun. 

Balance in behavior

The age old advice, everything in moderation; seems to be good advice. We are driven by our desire to be successful; we need recognition and praise from other people. Humans are inherently competitive, but we can become too competitive. We are also social animals and can work as part of a team.

Recognising what we are can make life much easier. When we are part of a team or group, we have to fit in and integrate. If we’re part of a tug of war team,  we have to pull in the same direction as everyone else. The people who stand and cheer us on are important, even though they aren’t an active part of the team. Support and recognition are important to us individually and collectively.

We gain a reputation individually and collectively too and that’s important. If we have a clear and transparent reputation either as an individual or a team, our supporters know what we’re about and can give us more support. If you’re part of the team pulling with everyone else the supporters will recognise that and cheer you on. If you’re not committed to the team and are seen as pulling in the wrong direction, you won’t get the support and encouragement and you might just be jeered and scorned by the crowd.

This all makes life seem like a game. It is in fact the other way around, games are based on life and give us a opportunity to compete in a way that is usually less harmful than competing in this game called life. Even computer games help us to develop strategies that can help us cope with life. The problems we face in the game can be analogies of the problems we encounter in life itself.

Children ‘play’ and this play is important. It prepares them for the real world and gives them confidence in the real world. This play is a rehearsal for the real thing and helps them acquire social skills and interact with other children. There is balance in play too as children try to balance being active with being passive.

Life can go out of balance and we can rely on compulsive behaviour to keep us sane, or alcohol or drugs. We can feel so stressed at the end of the day that the first glass of wine or the first pint of beer feels like the only opportunity we’ve had to relax all day. Work can upset our balance and be far too stressful and then we try to get in balance with another extreme like drinking too much.  Extremes are like trying to balance a bicycle on a path with sharp bends and corners. If it goes on too long, we eventually get so tired that we fall off. It’s better to take an easy route and take our time. A relaxed, pleasant ride is far better than a strenuous race for no reason.

Take it easy until next week, when I will be writing about life or psychology again. You can use the comment box to share your thoughts as usually or you can follow me on Twitter.

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