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Bamboo underwear? #thrifty

Thrifty ideas including bamboo products

Yes, I’ve been testing out bamboo underwear. No, not famous brands. I just wanted to find out what it was like. You might think it would be uncomfortable from its name, but quite the opposite it is very comfortable.


Bamboo is now considered a wonder material that is as light as carbon fibre and very, very strong. The boxer shorts I have been testing are light and so thin and you could easily carry a spare pair in your pocket. They feel very silky and you  sometimes forget you’re wearing them. They also contain a little elastane so they are very stretchy.  I find cotton with elastane a little sweaty and sweat gives bacteria an ideal breeding ground leading to odours. No problem with bamboo boxers, they are antibacterial and really cool. They also draw perspiration away from the body. I am now looking for other bamboo clothing like pyjamas and tee shirts. How much? I paid 7.99 for 4 pairs of boxers, so not bad at all. There are some brands that are expensive though and so shop around. You can buy from Hong Kong via Ebay or Amazon.


I checked how much it would cost for my car to be properly valeted. I’m not paying over £100. It does  have some minor damage at the rear, so I’ve ordered a sander and some filler to do a repair. I also have to get a large can of paint to re-spray the whole panel. It’s an investment in my car. Then I have to clean the inside with a vacuum cleaner and look at the upholstery which might need some attention. Then the whole car will get washed and I’ll check all the paintwork.  I think it will need cutting back with something like T-cut and then I’ll apply a resin type polish like Autoglym and a wax polish on top of that. The car is 19 years old this year. Can I make it look like new? I’ll take a photo!

Food shopping

I tend to use Aldi because I save money but they don’t have everything I need so I went to Asda last night. The staff are much more pleasant they they used to be. They have found out, like Tesco, that service is important. A member of staff even took the trouble to show me where the eggs were. I wanted some beer and the selection of British beer was abysmal. The beer from the local brewery was low stock and only bitter on the shelves. There was lots of German beer of course. Tesco was nearly as bad.


Yes, I’m down to my last pack of gluten free sausages. I had some with baked potatoes and white cabbage yesterday. It could be bangers and mash today. Once I open something I’m eating it for a week! Things like gluten free bread can be quite expensive, but 6 fat sausages for 1.75 isn’t bad and they are very filling. I hope Aldi have some more on offer soon.  While I am recommending food. I must tell you about the Champion French fries, I cook them in my Philips air fryer and they crisp and delicious in 10 minutes. I cooked a handful last night because I had nothing else to eat. I often have a bag of crisps and they are now 89p for 6. Each bag of crisps is 25g and so I get 150g of crisps for 89p. If I have the fries instead I get 1000g for 75p. Even taking into account the cost of the electric to cook them they still work out cheaper and I can afford to have a chicken drumstick with them! That’s supper sorted…


I’ve even been looking at bamboo furniture and traditional French style furniture. Some of my furniture is a bit crap because it was MFI self assembly. I prefer real wood but bamboo would be even better. You can move bamboo furniture around for cleaning so much more easily.

That’s it for this thrifty Thursday. Do you have any money saving ideas? Please use the comments box to share them. You can follow this blog by just entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. I put some vintage photographs on my Facebook page this week and some that I took of the narrowboat gathering at the weekend. You can find those and a lot more on my Facebook page.

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