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Bank Holiday Monday Blues

Bank Holiday

I’ve photographed a few events this year. We had nice weather for the carnival and for the Black Country Festival that lasted all through July.  I don’t think I’ll be taking photos today; it’s bank holiday and so obviously it’s raining. The council organised Sandwell Show will be on, for the second day.

There must be weather statistics showing the months when Britain gets the most and least rainfall that can help them plan events. It makes you wonder if they know what they’re doing.

There are lots of economic statistics too, but the world economy is still in a mess. A politician knocked my door before the General Election and claimed the country was in debt to the Chinese and so austerity was necessary. I remember not long ago they said America was going bankrupt because they were in so much debt; again it was to the Chinese. This week the Shanghai stock exchange crashed because China is in debt and can’t pay it back, because their economy is slowing. So who does everyone really owe money to? Perhaps we can ask Rolls Royce and Maserati for a list of their clients; so we can  identify who the rich people of the world really are.

Bank Holiday

They say remembering the past can help keep minds active. Exercise for the mind is as important as exercise for the body. Dementia is a serious and crippling problem for older people and mental exercises involving memory can be beneficial. I’m admin of our local history page and try to post snippets of Anglo-Saxon history as well as trying to remind people of the history they have lived through. I also try to promote community cohesion by using something that we all have in common; the past. It gives people something to do on a wet bank holiday Monday too.

I exercise my mind enough, writing blogs everyday and researching obscure history. Yesterday, it was fashion and included mini skirts, hot pants and flared jeans. Today, I’m trying to do cultural influences, like flower power and the hippie movement. That seemed very new, but it wasn’t. Much of the style was a Bohemian gypsy style reminiscent  of the Parisian culture of the early 20th century.

I think I’ll end with some photos. If you like this website, you can subscribe and receive emails every time I post which is most days. You can also comment and have your say or follow me on twitter for updates.

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