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Bank Holiday weekend thoughts

It’s Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you as usual. What’s on my mind this week? Well, my website settings still aren’t right. I’m getting the font size right on the website but it goes to extra-large in the emails! Technology! It can be complicated at times. I have also been pondering mental health provision. I haven’t spoken to many people but looking at social media and the few people I have spoken to gives me the impression that provision should be made to help people with mental health problems when this pandemic is over.

1 the four seasons

Winter flu

As we go into autumn and then winter we will have other infections to worry about, namely flu and norovirus. Hospitals are already struggling and staff is mentally exhausted. Social distancing in many departments is causing problems because space is limited. When more people attend A & E in the winter, many might struggle to get treatment. Patients are to be advised to call NHS 111 or use NHS 111 online but that service has been slow to answer throughout the pandemic. If you are unwell now, to a large extent, you’re on your own.

Health and safety

Local outbreaks of the virus are more predictable now with numerous outbreaks in business premises. The outbreaks should trigger a visit by local public health and health and safety. There are now several food companies that have had outbreaks and they should as a matter of course have good hygiene standards. All food processing plants need more guidance and monitoring.


I am planning another photography outing today and I have been thinking of photography and writing and art in general as mediums through which mental health might be improved. People need to connect when the pandemic is over. We need more informal art groups where people can meet up and just chat about their passions.


We are still in a recession but who knows what the government will do in the long term. I suspect they will do budget cuts and local government and benefits will take the brunt of that. Boris is supposed to dislike the idea of austerity but the far-right of the party, Duncan-Smith in particular, will apply pressure. Over 75s have already had their free television license’s withdrawn and far-right think tanks are proposing that the triple lock on pensions goes as well.

That’s all for this week. I’m sorry if the website problems make reading this difficult. I’ll keep working on it. Have a great Bank Holiday! 

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