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Bargain hunting odd items #thrifty

Sometimes we bargain hunt for the unusual item. We are going to a fancy dress party and need some vintage clothing. Where do you start looking for those odd items? One great place is your local charity shop and you can also look at Oxfam’s online shop for great bargains on good quality clothing and other pre-loved goodies.

 Looking for those odd items

Happy Birthday

Having a party and need to say a big happy birthday to someone? Check out Amazon for a printed banner 6ft x 2 ft, for only £15, printed to your design. You can pair that with balloons and bunting to make the event extra special. The same idea can be applied to any occasion or event like a wedding or street party. Look for similar decorations on eBay too.

Looking for vinyl?

If you still have your old gramophone and want some vinyl records to play on it, check out the charity shops, markets and car boot sales. You can also look at Oxfam online for vinyl as well.


There are buy and sell groups on Facebook for your local area so check those out for those odd items that are hard to find. Everything from children’s’ clothes to used cars is now sold on Facebook.


Collectables can be found in all the places I have already mentioned. If you’re looking for odd items such as books, old postcards or even furniture. You can pick up odd items of furniture in second-hand shops that are a real bargain and watch out for house clearances as well. Furniture from the 1940’s tends to be well made and it can be restored to shabby chic for the right room setting. It will save you a fortune compared to good quality new furniture.

Specialist equipment

Odd items of specialist equipment can be found in second-hand shops and online. Such equipment as cameras and lenses for example. A full frame DSLR on eBay will set you back less than £300 and although not the latest camera with all the bells and whistles it will still take better pictures than a cheap compact. I admit I couldn’t find a good one when I searched today but I found a Nikon D60 DX camera complete with lens for £72. That would be a great first DSLR for someone.

Odd items

When you’re looking for odd items search the internet so you can at least get an idea of where you might get them at the right price. I have a picture in an art exhibition and I needed to mirror plate it. How do I do that and what are mirror plates? I found the instructions in an art blog and rather than go to an art shop for the mirror plates I found some at Screwfix and they had the screws as well! I got my photo printed for the art exhibition through Amazon for a big discount on the usual price.

If you search online before you hit the shops you can find those odd items and you can save money on everything from rechargeable batteries to camping gear.

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