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Bargain hunting #ThriftyThursday

I do like to save money. I’ve been wearing t-shirts with small holes in just lately as I try to get that last bit of wear out of them before I throw them away. I’m only messing around doing odd jobs and gardening. I save the decent ones for the weekend! I’m writing this on a laptop that I managed to get around £150 cheaper than normal and the app I’m using is on a free trial!

bargain hunting

Beanz on toast

I still have beans on toast occasionally. It’s a cheap nourishing meal. I see comments on Facebook about the food we had many years ago like jelly and fruit for Sunday tea with sandwiches. I still eat things like that! Jelly is actually good for many older people who struggle to make themselves drinks and we all tend to need more fluids. I like toasted sandwiches too. I need a gluten-free diet and gluten-free bread is better toasted. I’m having my food delivered by Asda now which is a little more expensive than shopping around and going to Aldi and Lidl. I paid over £50 for a 12-month delivery pass but I save on time and petrol. It only adds around £2 to each delivery and it keeps me safe from the covid-19 virus. I still check the prices and try to save money. The Asda cornflakes have been tested as gluten-free but they do a version that is marked as gluten-free which is more expensive and the Nestle one is even more expensive. It pays to know what you’re buying. I read labels and do research!


I’m not shopping around for my car insurance this year which is with the AA. I prefer a company that gives good service which is why I like the AA. The AA is likely to be taken over in the near future, they have turned into something of a zombie company, never really improving efficiency and just piling up the debts. In the past, I’ve swapped to Saga but next year I might swap my car insurance and breakdown to the RAC if the AA doesn’t give me a better quote. I did negotiate a better breakdown cover premium two years ago which was fixed for 2 years. It is worth phoning them up and asking for a better premium. This year, I have concentrated on sorting out computer problems. I bought a new laptop and began the process of changing my broadband from TalkTalk to Plusnet. TalkTalk called me and offered 38 Mps broadband on fibre with decent upload speeds for £19.95 a month with £100 compensation for my recent poor speeds and service. That will give me 5 months free.


Will we be celebrating Christmas this year? I’m not sure. I’ll buy a few presents and I’ll be starting that soon. I have my insurances, breakdown cover and credit card bill to pay first (I put the laptop on my credit card) but that should be paid off by the beginning of next month. In this era of low interest rates, some debt might be acceptable but not credit card debt. A mortgage is OK because you’re buying an appreciating asset.

Bargain hunting

My bargain hunting will be restricted to online shopping but I can still get some bargains. I bought some Morley t-shirts to replace those going into holes not long ago. They were half price at Matalan and really good quality. I think I bought half a dozen, I’ve only worn two of them so far. I bought those on the website and had them delivered. Do read the small print though. The jeans I am wearing were another bargain but I didn’t notice that they were button-up rather than a zipper!


It is bad that we can’t get decent interest on our savings. I think the action to stimulate the economy with low-interest rates is again making the property market boom and much of the money is again going into the stock market. I’ll take advantage of that, in a small way. I’m bargain hunting in the stock market too.

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