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A beautiful icebreaker #ramble #art #inspiration

I’ve got an app on my phone and it actually counts how many steps I take, like a pedometer. I take more steps on Sundays despite this supposedly being a day of rest. I’m supposed to take 10,000 steps a day according to the app but the most I’ve done so far is 3,000 and that’s pushing it. There’s an app for everything these days isn’t there? I have an app for buying clothes, an app to find my way when I’m driving or call for help if I break down. I have an app for Aldi and another for the lottery results. Then there are the social media apps to help me keep in touch and network, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. I don’t understand Instagram yet but I’ve never been so appy…

Wednesbury - a beautiful icebreaker

A night out

Yes, I actually had a night out this week. That’s Glen Leon on stage doing belting out Delilah as part of a Tom Jones Tribute. My great-niece Megan, warmed the audience up for him with a great performance of a selection of songs old and new to start the evening off.

Counting the steps

Apart from counting the steps with a phone app. We take steps through life and I’m trying to make my life more worthwhile, After all, I am now acutely aware that life is finite.  We do not live forever and so we need to make every step count before we take that final step and shuffle off this mortal coil. In case you’re wondering about the mortal coil quote it’s from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  He probably spelt it coyle, meaning the bustle of life.

A beautiful icebreaker

Are you ever stuck for words when you are trying to engage in conversation? We ramble on about all sorts of things but being British we often resort to chatting about the weather because it’s so changeable. So how can we get business people networking and chatting to each other? Well, I suppose a little alcohol would lubricate the vocal chords. I’m told they have tried cheese and wine and coffee to no avail and so I think we need an ice breaker. Art can be a beautiful icebreaker. I don’t mean piles of bricks or blow up dolls. I mean proper, beautiful art that everyone can appreciate and comment on. Then those comments can lead to conversation and conversation can lead to people introducing themselves and even more conversation. People talking to one another can lead to great things. We can do great things by individual effort but collectively we can achieve more. I haven’t been doing very well as I try to suggest that our art gallery has a practical purpose where the beautiful ice breaker could be displayed so I have entered a picture in an art competition. Maybe my beautiful icebreaker will make the difference. Now how can I get the movers and shakers of this town to go see the exhibition? I’m working on it…

It’s not very warm this morning. See, when we are lost for words we resort to chatting about the weather! I’ve put the oven on to cook my lunch that will make me warmer! Where was I? Oh yes, we all need inspiration to be creative even if we are only creating stimulating conversation so maybe creating art can be a process of creating that beautiful icebreaker that inspires others? This process will not only inspire local artists but inspire the visitors to the art gallery too. I think we need a proper summer exhibition and an open competition for local artists. Then it will need publicising but that has never been easier with social media and the internet.

I’ve rambled so much this week, I had to change the title. I like the freedom to ramble but then I have to consider the needs of search engine robots! If you liked today’s post you can subscribe by simply entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. I also put links on my Facebook page where you can also find photographs and other stuff.

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