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Because they are worth it? #philosophy

We’ve all seen those simpering L’Oreal adverts with the fake smile that accompanies the “because I’m worth it,” quote. These over-paid stars actually try to convince themselves that they are worth their obscene rewards. They might think they are worth it, but do they feel they are worth it?

I’ve taken photos at charity events recently and seen genuine smiles and genuine emotions as people feel some genuine pride in what they are doing. I also photographed a litter pick and saw people doing something for their community. There was nothing fake about these people, they felt good doing something for other people. They felt good simply doing something that was unselfish; helping others without reward.

There are people who think they are entitled somehow to a life better than others. They criticise and want a little Britain where only they and their kind are allowed a decent life. They look down on those they think are socially or racially inferior. They don’t like others and I’m quite sure they don’t like themselves very much either. The nasty truth is, they aren’t really worth anything. Take away the false smile and the expensive clothes, take away the late-model car and the L’Oreal fragrance and we see a child. We see someone who has never grown up and is still trying impress their friends and gain ‘status’ in a world they see as quite scary and hostile.

When we mix with decent people, we begin to imagine everyone is decent and generous, we begin to forget that there is evil in the world, at least for a little while. We feel the warmth of people as they collectively become like one entity supporting a cause they all believe in. I don’t mean cheering on some popular football team when given the right cue. I mean feeling collective anger when they feel something is unfair. I mean, feeling the collective need to do something when a child needs help.

We have all seen those pictures of children affected by war. The naked child running from a napalm attack, burnt and screaming. Decent people, people who are really worth something, feel anger towards the warmonger and compassion towards the children.

So are you worth it? Have you done something really worthwhile this week or did you fake a feeling of bland superiority?

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