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Being a rebel can be a good thing! #money

Yes, being a rebel can be a good thing. Going against the norms can make you stand out and attract attention. You might want to attract the attention of the crowd but you don’t want them to throw stones! Don’t be an obnoxious git or they just might throw stones. You need to have a purpose. If you’re running a market stall, you will sell more products if you attract attention but you have to treat the public with respect. Miserable people who hate everyone makes terrible business people.

being a rebel


If you have a rebellious nature, you can be contrarian. You can wear canary yellow when everyone else is wearing boring grey. If, however, you take being a rebel to an extreme with tattoos, piercings and black leather clothes then the response of other people might just be negative. That negative effect will also affect you negatively.

Being a rebel

Being a rebel can help you innovate in your work and be more productive. Again, you shouldn’t take it to an extreme and you need to be aware of your effect on the people around you.

Contrarian investing

Prices on the stock market fall when the majority are selling. In a bear market, the contrarian investor buys when everyone else is selling and in a  bull market the rebel investor will sell and take his profits. This can be a great strategy for getting better returns on your investments but it is also a risky strategy. In a falling market, you might buy too soon and in a bull market, you might sell too soon or too late. Timing is important.


Being a rebel is what makes people creative. A rebellious nature can drive us to want to achieve something outstanding.  In this sense, being a rebel can mean taking creative risks that others are unwilling to take. There is the embarrassment of the mistakes one makes when experiments fail to produce useful results. The rebel must experiment and look for ways to innovate. We risk others pointing the finger and the scorn of others when things don’t work out. The rebel, however, is the innovator and cannot be content with plodding on and never taking a risk.

Assessing risk

Assessing risk is difficult. We can drive fast cars oblivious to the dangers because we are overconfident. However, often we refuse to take a risk because it might embarrass us or we might face criticism. People die in car crashes, no one ever died from embarrassment, however painful. Being a rebel is about being able to take that emotional pain sometimes while knowing it is sensible to drive carefully.

Our finances can be governed by our attitude to risk and whether we are a bit of a rebel or we are content with plodding on.

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