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Belief and confidence #life

I have been become convinced just lately that people will believe just about anything if it fits their convenient story about the way life is. They ignore the evidence and will believe that crime is rife if their neighbour has just been burgled, ignoring the statistics that say they live in a low crime rate area. This reliance on rumour and conjecture undermines confidence in government, in the police and in the financial system. Such beliefs were encouraged prior to the Brexit referendum and despite the untrue statements put out by the “leave” campaign, the vote went ahead and was allowed to stand. Is this going to be a disaster for Britain? The evidence is too thin to tell but one certainty is that it undermined confidence in the country and in the British economy. The evidence can be seen in the depreciation of the pound sterling against other currencies. The right-wing of the Conservative party in alliance with UKIP damaged the British economy. Belief and confidence are at the heart of the matter and the evidence shows this.

Belief and confidence

Belief and confidence are also at the heart of our obsession with national identity. The nationalists continue to be disruptive with street demonstrations and now have a new way to get their xenophobic messages across and that is with memes that are repeated across social media channels. Some regulation of social media in the UK now seems inevitable. While the mainstream media is owned by the rich and powerful and tends to have a bias in their favour, social media is often viewed as the voice of the people, while in reality, it is the voice of the extremist.


While these undercurrents in society are worrying there is a mainstream desire for stability. We just have to support a stable government both at a local level and national level and try to look for evidence on which to base our assessment of the current state of the society we live in.

As we live our lives much of our needs are met with money so we do need to be financially savvy but we also need peace of mind. We can’t live life looking over our shoulders and worrying about health care, crime and all the other political issues. We need to have confidence and believe that the systems and mechanisms that are in place are about the best that we can expect and certainly much better than other countries. That is the reality.

The dark undercurrents in our society are the bogeymen of the 21st century and we should be cautious but also reassured that we have a society so structured that we have a professional class of people who on the whole have our interests at heart. The doctors and nurses, the lawyers and the officers of the emergency services live by a code of conduct that ensures that our society is civilised. We should all adopt that same code of conduct.

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