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Big Brother watching

Big Brother is watching us.

George Orwell did warn us that this time would come and big brother would be watching. The cameras would monitor our daily lives and deprive us of privacy and liberty. We were warned that we would be forced to use unfamiliar language and tow the politically correct party line.

Big Brother

It seems that time is now and we are all being synchronised to the cloud. I tried to use my phone this week and it was dead. Eventually, I found the bloody Facebook app had launched itself and crashed because it couldn’t connect to the bloody cloud. I had turned data and wifi off because I wanted to save the battery. I could have needed the phone urgently. I could have been having a heart attack or worse. The damn phone is crap, full of apps that I can’t turn off. It is a conspiracy between Samsung and those arrogant gits at Google. Big Brother is a global conspiracy led by multinational corporations and governments.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices.

Yes, CSR sounds good in theory but who are the stakeholders in practice? It seems in Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook that the stakeholders are the executives of those companies and the rest of us are sheep to be exploited. Windows 10 with its cloud-connected apps and synchronicity is the latest example of their big brother intentions to spy on us all. You’ve only got to fart and an advert for Wind-Eze comes up on your Facebook page. I’m rather glad that the webcam on my laptop doesn’t work. I’m starting to worry about the camera on my  phone.


We now get a notice come up about cookies and we can accept or reject them thanks to the European Commission. Did it make any difference? They allow these companies to run cartels and monopolies and then get their knickers in a twist about cookies. That takes the biscuit…


The government, whether local, national or European are in on this conspiracy to monitor and control us. There are protests, Kim Jong-Un has stood up to the west with its corporate greed and guys around the world have shown a little support for his David and Goliath rebellion. Millions have adopted his now fashionable hairstyle, in support of his stance, but it is a bit of a weak protest. Isn’t it? We can’t expect governments to challenge corporate greed and the developing big brother approach to population control; they are part of that control, yet controlled themselves.

Yes, we might not have video cameras inside our televisions watching our every move, yet, but it has to come. I‘m trying to put off buying a new television and when I do I’ll tape up any forward-looking openings on it. You can never be too sure, though, they hide microphones and cameras in ball point pens these days. This is why I buy gel pens…

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